Welcome to the Wrath of the Cosmos Preorder!

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Greetings, Sentinels fans!

Welcome to the first update of the Wrath of the Cosmos preorder campaign!

What is Wrath of the Cosmos? I'm glad you asked! It's the upcoming expansion for Sentinels of the Multiverse, the cooperative comic book card game!

Sentinels of the Multiverse: Wrath of the Cosmos

So, here's how this campaign will work. For the next month, you can preorder Wrath of the Cosmos here. Every copy preordered increases the count displayed at the front page of SentinelsoftheMultiverse.com!

We will be posting regular updates with information about the game, the characters, and what's happening with the preorder campaign in general. You can subscribe to those updates here.

This preorder campaign is running from Tuesday, August 5th to Friday, September 5th at 5:00 Central Time. (ACTUALLY, IT'S OVER NOW!) The counter here will keep track of how many copies of Wrath of the Cosmos have been preordered. (The counter refreshes every 15-30 minutes, so don't worry if you don't see it update live. That said, feel free to check back in every so often to see where we are in the campaign!)
As we reach certain numbers on that counter, each preordered copy will include more and more free things! Here's a list of what you can get:

  • UNLOCKED! 3 Wrath of the Cosmos Art Prints!
  • UNLOCKED! 100 copies preordered: 5 free promo cards: The Prime Wardens!
  • UNLOCKED! 500 copies preordered: 1 free environment mini-expansion: Omnitron-IV!
  • UNLOCKED! 1000 copies preordered: 1 free villain mini-expansion: Wager Master!
  • UNLOCKED! 1500 copies preordered: 1 free hero mini-expansion: Guise!
  • UNLOCKED! 3000 copies preordered: 1 free promo card: KNYFE!

The Cosmos are leaving their mark on the Multiverse! Do you have what it takes to save the earth from the impending annihilation?


I didn't get in on the ground floor of the game either.  I'm missing several of the promos and exclusive stuff.  The game is still awesome, and my group and I enjoy combatting the new villains just as much as the old ones.  Just because you want the "moar strong" cards doesn't mean you need to be rude, so stuff a sock in it and either buy the game or don't.

Have a *great* day (that's being smarmy, by the way).

- Koralk

Pft. I'm doing the Greater than Games guys a favor by saying this. You've never read "A Complaint is a Gift" so you wouldn't understand. All they get from cons to websites is how great they are. When that happens people get lazy, when people get lazy they swallow their own press and decide they can do no wrong.

When you swallow your own press, you let companies die. Someone like you is actually worse for a gaming company than someone who will give them honest criticism. In your own way you're making sure this company dies off in the long term. Happened to Circuit City, it's happening to many other businesses now.

There's a big difference between feedback and being a jerk on the internet.

Just sayin'.

- Koralk

Gave them reasonable feedback at one point, was even nice about it, on one of their Kickstarters. Pretty much acted like jerks like they're doing now. Now to respond to this post.

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Does this sound kind of familiar to anyone else?

Is "Terrible Company" self-descriptive?


Scans of the promo cards are available at Board Game Geek. But that's the thing: They're promotional materials, not part of the base game. Nobody "owes" you the promo cards. Further making the promos available to retail stores that pre-order is a good thing. But destinguishing the limited and unlimited cards through variant artwork satisfies both the long-time fans and those who are new to the game. 




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Nobody is getting screwed by not owning the promos, Terrible_Company. You need to understand that SotM is not a CCG, and rarity plays no part in it. Nobody is looking over your shoulder at a tournament checking for authenticity or nicked cardbacks. Furthermore, the promos are simply character cards that don't even get shuffled into your deck, so proxying them in doesn't affect gameplay in any way. The only advantage to owning original copies of the promo cards is for the sake of completionism/bragging rights. The game works exactly the same regardless of whether you have a near-mint Young Legacy from the original printing or you just wrote her power on a piece of scrap paper in a sleeve with her daddy's character card. I imagine that the people buying obscenely expensive copies on ebay are caught in an M:tG mindset and just straight-up don't understand that concept.

High-res images of every promo are readily available on BGG, so just print them out yourself, or go to artscow or PS and get a nice quality copy. Shoot, if you had been a little more civil on here I probably would have offered to just mail you an extra set; it wouldn't be the first time.

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Hahaha, well, feel free to mail ME that extra set, then! =P

Nobody is getting screwed by not owning the promos, - Right. Only the promos are gamebreaking, at the very least two of them are.

Terrible_Company. You need to understand that SotM is not a CCG, and rarity plays no part in it. - So just make counterfeits.

High-res images of every promo are readily available on BGG, so just print them out yourself, or go to artscow or PS and get a nice quality copy. Shoot, if you had been a little more civil on here I probably would have offered to just mail you an extra set; it wouldn't be the first time.

People are selling their high-quality scans on e-bay for hundreds of dollars. This is money that they don't get. And they don't seem to care. The people I play with are also not comfortable using those so it's not an option for me.

Furthermore, if the company decides down the road that they do not like the policy anyone who did so is liable under United States law, of counterfeiting. Period. There is no argument here and if you try to argue then you're just wrong. The law is clear.


Everything, eeeeverything else aside they're leaving money on the table here by not clearly answering people about their policy on counterfeiting, which is what those scans are, and they're going to have to crack down if the company gets bigger.

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It's not GtG's fault that people sell stuff on ebay. Nor is it their fault if someone buys a promo like that rather than printing it out from BGG.


And I'm pretty sure the answer on the scans has been time and again, that there is no problem.

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For several points.

1.) no, it's not counterfeiting. They physically CANNOT "crack down" on people printing off copies of the promo cards, even if it were. Furthermore, they are nice, reasonable people, and they SUGGESTED printing out the cards you don't have access to.


2.) The promos are NOT gamebreaking. Some are powerful, sure, but game-breaking? Do you even know what that MEANS? That means it makes the game unplayable, or causes it to perform in a way other than was intended. TLTachyon makes people draw cards. Not game-breaking. Greatest Legacy makes someone use a power and regain 1 hp. Argent Adept can do that multiple times in 1 turn, across multiple targets.


3.) What business of theirs is it if people want to sell their promos? They can't FORCE people to give them royalties, and they WON'T sell them for several hundred dollars apiece. They aren't "missing out" on money from people selling it.


4.) They are going to sell the promo packs AFTER SoTM is finished. That's what they said during ST, and that's what they're saying now. That never changed, and it isn't going to. You can be patient and wait, just like everyone else. They don't owe you anything, and they have heard and chosen to disregard your "feedback."

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I too would love an extra set :)

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Any chance I could get some copies of the new Legacy and Bunker cards? I have the rest (most are print outs I did with some help from a friend, but I'm out of good photo paper right now). Doesn't have to be charity, I'd be willing to pay a bit for them.


EDIT: Only need GI Bunker now, thanks to a generous soul here.

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whats BGG i would like past promos unless they are going to re-release them

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Board Game Geek.

the Sentinels of the Multiverse page has the files.

I would suggest posting on the general forum from the sentinels page and someon will help you find them.

Is there any chance WotC will be ready for PAX Aus?

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There is a chance! :)

Thanks for all the information and promo stuff, but wondering if there is any way to change shipping to standard UPS or standard mail.

Cape and Mask

How about those of us fortunate to reside in the great city of St. Louis? Any way we can do an in person pickup instead?



I second that question.  I'm in STL and would love a local pickup. 

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Ugh.... $15 shipping and I'm only 2 states away from you guys.  


FedEx is always so stinking expensive.....  Wish there was an option for UPS, or even simple USPS.




I "might" get this...   I mean, as soon as I heard there were pre-orders I was 100% on board, but when I saw that shipping would nearly double the price...

So, it looks like this is filling up pretty fast considering this is the first day.  At what point will you cut pre-orders off, and if we far exceed the current reward tiers, will you add more?

I only got into this game a few months ago, and already it's the only thing my friends and family want play. I also missed out on the promo stuff, though I do have all the sets and mini-expansions regressed this far.

I found some print and cut character cards with life spinners, which included the promos, and those will do nicely until the Unlimited cards are released, but two years is a long ass time to wait; any chance you can just do two unlimited sets with the first half of promos now another with the second half of them after they're printed?


Also, where do you stand on the handful of fan made character card replacements meant to flesh out the regular ones? And do you plan on releasing oversized villain cards from now on, I much prefer those and would like you to consider oversized heroes as well?

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I can tell you they have consistently been okay with fan printed cards.

If you are talking about fan-made content, they are cool with fan-made alternate character cards, you can even talk about them on the forums.  You cannot post custom decks or talk about fan made deck mechanics and such on the forums for legal reasons.  They are okay with people making them, they just refuse to look at them or allow it on their site (because they are smart enough to listen to their lawyers).

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It's funny, I've seen multiple references to the "high shipping" here, both for US & international orders.. When I calculate it the shipping costs, it comes to $11.24, this is not much different than the $10 extra we always have to pay on kickstarter. I really don't understand why it has been such a big issue. I completely understand for international preorders, though. It's just the domestic orders I don't understand. 

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It seems as though some people were getting a little huffy with how rare the first promos are. GtG can release what they want, when they want. The idea of a "promo" is that a select few who pay attention and support the game especially when it's getting off the ground should be rewarded for their loyalty. In fact, I just walked into my local gaming store to preorder something, and they mentioned that another one of my games is getting a promo character. Had I not been so "loyal" as to stop in and chat about my games, I'd have missed that opportunity. If I had missed that opportunity and learned about it later, I wouldn't be writing to the CEO of that company to bend to my will and give me that character outside the promo window. Just as I wouldn't do that if I were a new customer, either. I can see why new people feel slighted by this. I mean, I even missed out on Young Legacy and Rook City Wraith. I was sad when I learned that I'd never have the chance to get them again, but I didn't break down GtG's door to let them know how sad about it I was. By pure luck, I'm blessed with the chance to get these cards in the future, just as GtG has announced! I couldn't be happier! GtG owes me nothing, and they care about their customers enough to create the opportunity to have these promos later; this makes me happy to be one of their customers. Now I will wait patiently, as I count my lucky stars that I get the chance to, one day, play as Young Legacy.

...Or just print her from the Internet. Or scribble her HP and power on a piece of paper.


I just checked your new preorder shipping cost ... 29.44 $US for France... for a game costing 19.95$US and I saw "Fedex" on the screen.

Thanks for a good laugh!

Last time I had a game delivered by these morons, they didn't find my house and didn't bother warn me for 15 days. At least they realised they had my email and contacted me. On the second delivery attempt, the guy pretented I wasn't at home while I was wainting for him... One month for a package delivery. And for a cost higher that the game! At least I didn't pay taxes these time (but Fedex isn't EU friendly and additional taxes are always a possibility).

I won't preorder your new extension (and I have a lot of stuff from you) just because you're using Fedex.

It looks like I'm not alone on this forum thinking choosing Fedex for shipping is just a big mistake. Please do yourself a favor. Stop using Fedex (see for exemple how Stonemayer managed their Kickstarter).

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Gosh, some people are entitled!

I don't have all the official promos either. Many of mine where printed via Printer's Studio, since >G has explicitly said that it's perfectly okay to print your own copies. If you have a problem with that, it's a problem you created for yourself.

Before that I had all the promo powers scrawled on a piece of paper and just used that instead of the regular character card. I played hundreds of games like that and had a great time.

The promo-less game still works perfectly anyway. >G don't owe anyone a set of cards that aren't even necessary to enjoy the game. And if people want to sell objects on eBay and people want to buy them for hundreds of dollars, that's fair enough. No company could stop you selling something you own anyway, and I don't see why they'd bother. 

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The only time I've heard of GtG actually selling promos is when they have auctioned a few at conventions, which were explicitly for charity. It's also the only time I've heard of people paying significant amounts of money for the cards, again because it's for charity. 


I also don't have all the official promos, and printed ones are fine. Incidentally, if you're having trouble winning a game without the promos, I'd suggest reevaluating your strategy first.

US shipping seems brutal, but I still preordered with zero hesitation. SotM is too good.

A pickup option would be great if this will be available for PaxAus.  Otherwise the shipping estimate is nearly twice the value of the expansion itself!

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In keeping with the "game-breaking" promos topic and Vision's universe hopping skills, would a hero meeting his alternate self (say, a promo and the orignal hero played together) crack the fabric of the Multiverse? And along those lines, would divider cards be able to be purchased? Purely for the sake of my OCD, of course. >_>


On an aside, the comment nesting process is wierd.

I love this game, and I've been in it since I backed the ST expansion on KS. I also had some sticker shock on the shipping - I live in a major US port city and generally only that much shipping even when I'm buying internationally. Don't get me wrong, I'm so into SotM that you could charge $40 per xpac and I'd still buy them, but I think there's a lot more price sensitivity on shipping charges specifically.

I do want to mention a really great KS creator and game company manager who I think has really figured out shipping, and has posted a lot of materials about it on his blog: http://stonemaiergames.com/how-to-provide-free-shipping-worldwide-on-kickstarter-a-comprehensive-guide/ . I realize that the shipping costs given there are the same as what you're charging from your store, that your store is run out of your store and that you're not shipping from the manufacturer in China, and that those prices are for shipping a 4 pound game, while you're not sure how much the box will weight necessarily. But I thought it had a really great discussion of shipping, also for everyone here who's wondering how complicated it as.

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I've actually talked with Jamey about his shipping experiences with Stonemaier Games, and there are a few logistical difficulties he's encountered with the process he describes there after he made that post. We are always looking into cheaper shipping options, but there are a few things that will remain true:

1) Our shipping charges will never be as cheap as Amazon, or even other dedicated online retailers.

2) We will never use USPS to ship out anything more valuable than a single card. They have an incredibly unreliable track record, and we wind up spending all of the money we save re-shipping lost items.

Talking about records, Fedex is just a mess. When I saw Fedex at the checkout, it just ended the thing for me. Never ever again with Fedex. High cost and ultra low delivery service.


Last year, you were in Essen and I picked the expansions I preordered here. Why aren't you proposing an Essen 2015 pickup for this expansion (I pefer to wait half a year instead of giving a cent to Fedex)?

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I'm not sure GtG will be at Essen in 2015. I haven't seen any mention of GtG being at Essen in 2014, for instance.

Super excited. This is going to be awesome.

Are we charged when it ships or when we order it?

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It doesn't sound bad to me at all. UK shipping can often be £5 or so ($8.50-ish) and the US is very much bigger. 

Wow, folks.  10 dollar shipping is pretty darn average for a package nowadays from any carrier.  I don't know where you all were shipping from, but most of my packages I send are always around 10 bucks--no matter what carrier I choose.

But I am paying for the pre-order thanks guys! I am excited about this and Tactics!

Any chance of seeing WotC at PAX Prime, even if just prototypes or test runs?

Will the other stretch goals be spoiled like The Prime Wardens promo's were? EDIT: I guess the link to Omnitron IV answers that... : )

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The link to Omintron IV is broken; seems you meant to make the text different from the URL, and it backfired somehow.

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Normally I would agree with the comments on this thread.  The $11 shipping charge to US startled me!  But then I went back and looked at the Kickstarter Campaigns for the last three expansions, and they were all $30.  To me, that means they were already factoring in the shipping cost of the expansion in the Kickstarter price.

So while we're seeing it itemized separately now, the price really isn't different for the previous expansions pledged via Kickstarter.

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Can't wait to see the new Villain.

After we break/shatter the 1500 copy mark, will there be any additional goals? Maybe promos for the new hero? or even a promo omnitron hero to go with the omnitron environment?

We must ask the REAL important question:  Does the expansion, and villian mini-expansion, include Oversized Villain Cards?!?!!?  I've already ordered.  Throw them in there!  You must!!

Would love to support your preorder system but I'd rather support my local game store. Without them around to sell your game and demonstrate it to new players there wouldn't be a demand for your product. It upsets me to see that the promos for your games are kept exclusive to your website.

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Actually, they said the Prime Wardens promos will be available for preorders in stores, although they also said that you won't get the mini-expansions this way.