Want to be a playtester? Now's your chance!

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Hey, everyone!

Have you ever wondered what goes into the design process behind games in the Greater Than Games catalog? Have you ever wanted to participate? Well, you finally get your chance!

From now until Tuesday, February 2nd, you can join the ranks of our playtesting family! You'll get to see new things before they're out and even influence the final product. And, much like Kings and Queens of Narnia, once a playtester for Greater Than Games, always a playtester for Greater Than Games.

There's some very exciting stuff coming up that I'm sure you won't want to miss out on. Sign up today!


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Woo hoo! Been waiting for months for this!

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I would like to but I'm just not good with print and play.   Seeing stuff a head of time would be neat but I just don't think I could be all that valuable.  

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You don't have to be valuable. If you would simply enjoy seeing the stuff and don't mind the cost, do it.

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Alright I've bought playetester access as a bday gift to myself.   Not sure how much I'll be able to contribute play wise but hopefully I can be of some help.  

school killing me lately on my time

This is a lifetime thing so you could easily wait until you're done with school to really start using it

Signing up right now...

Any chance that I can playtest the game I submitted for your game mechanics contest and give it an outstanding review?  :-P  Seriously, I would consider joining your team of playtesters, but that $40 would be better spent buying supplies for creating the games that I would be playtesting.  But if there isn't already, shouldn't there be a standard form that playtesters could fill out to help organize all of the feedback?  And shouldn't there be a non disclosure agreement that every playtester should sign before we allow them to playtest a product?  I could easily develop those forms and make them available for playtesters.  For example, I sign up to playtest a game that requires 4 players.  To get a very broad feedback, first I would playtest with my wife and teenage kids.  After the introductory game we'd fill out the form together and bounce ideas, and each game after we would go down the list and make any notes as needed.  But then I'd want to take it to my gaming club and have several of my gamer friends read the rules and see how clear the rules are written, play an initial game and fill out the playtester form, and again review after each game.  But before any of that takes place...  I'd have everyone sign a non disclosure agreement to protect the intellectual copyrights of the game we are playtesting.  Anyone who doesn't agree to this form would simply not be allowed to take part in the playtesting and would be asked to leave the room.  I think to be a seriouos playtester it is a lot of work and preperation.  For someone like me who just has a passion for tabletop gaming it's all part of the love for the hobby.  I don't think a $40 fee could buy you good playtesters, because that's not what makes good playtesters.  So this begs the question...  I don't mean to sound rude, but "Are you looking for good playtesters or are you just wanting to make $40 for access to the game design forums?"

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They're looking for people that are really enthusiastic about the prospect of playtesting. Paul addressed the $40 fee here: https://greaterthangames.com/comment/126575#comment-126575

I've been on other playtesting forums where access is easier, and honestly the level of commitment and discussion is a lot higher here, since the playtesters are really invested. Ideas from the playtester definitely get incorporated.

GtGs doesn't do formal NDAs. Those aren't really going to do anything legally, anyway. The threat of removing playtesting access is enough.

In terms of forms for formal feedback, etc, that differs a little from game to game.

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Deleted my original post to hide my own idiocy. Of course I want to playtest!