Volunteers wanted for 2016 PAX South and PAX East!

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Wow, this year has flown by, and it's already time to be preparing for 2016 conventions!

Coming up first, PAX South in San Antonio, TX from January 29th to the 31st. We can't wait to be there, and we are sure hoping some of you folks would like to be there with us. Volunteers at the Greater Than Games booth are universally the best people I interact with, and we still need to get a few people to join us. If you or someone you know would like to hang out with us in San Antonio and get a badge for PAX South in return for a few hours of booth work each day, send an email to craig@greaterthangames.com and let me know!

PAX East in Boston, MA is also rapidly approaching on April 22nd through the 24th! The same thing applies here. We would definitely love to have your help.

Both of these shows are sold out, so if you're worried that you didn't get a badge in time this is your second chance. If you've never been to a PAX show before, this is also a great time to meet people and have some experienced attendees show you the ropes. It's a great time, and you won't be disappointed.

Again, just send an email to craig@greaterthangames.com if you're interested or if you have any questions. I'd love to have you join us!


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Oh my goodness, I so wish I could do this! Hope you guys have fun anyway. :)