Villains of the Multiverse Story Update: Tales of the Plague Rat

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Welcome to a brand new story update around a character from Villains of the Multiverse. This time, we have Plague Rat!


Decades ago, a foul drug-dealer had a hideout deep in the Rook City sewers, keeping his stash safe from competitors and law enforcement alike. His criminal enterprise was worn down over time by trying to combat the growing criminal empire known as The Organization, and he was eventually forced to call the sewers his home. Years of handling drugs and living in hazardous toxic chemicals from the industrial plants mutated the dealer into a giant, hideous, rat-like monster who prowled the Rook City sewers, seeking to infect all he encountered.

The creature known as Plague Rat was recently captured by a RevoCorp Recon & Execute team, and has been a subject of much experimentation at the RevoCorp labs. After much chemical reprogramming of the monstrous creature, Plague Rat is now a part of the R&E teams on their missions, used as an amped up bloodhound to seek out and destroy key targets. In fact, Plague Rat is currently hot on the trail of a recent RevoCorp lab escapee, Setback!


That's what we have for you this time! Let's keep those preorders going strong, and stay tuned for more later!


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An interestingly different take on Plague Rat!  It explains how he could work in a villain team.  Image seems to be broken, but maybe that's just on my end.

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I thought it was just me.   I'm certainly curious to see this new plague rat image. 

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But PRat is now Setback's nemesis? Interesting!

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Revo Corp is now officially tied to Blade

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The picture should work now. Sorry!

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Nooooo!! When did the Ghostbusters sell out and go work for evil RevoCorp?!?!?

mmmmm interesting take. So wait is this still the same plague rat then or is this a new one. (have to go look at bio for plague rat again its been too long)

This is one of the most fun new things in Sentinels in a while. Great work guys.

Every team needs and adorable animal sidekick after all.

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I wonder what subject number Setback was

probably 1313

this could mean that blade is running revo or maybe working for them.

so, is it possible that he could be Setback's AND Chrono Ranger's nemesis? I mean, they've done multiple nemesis before.