Villains of the Multiverse shipping questions answered!

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Hey there, Sentinel Comics fans!

As many of you have already discovered, Villains of the Multiverse, Chokepoint, Celestial Tribunal, and Oversized Villain Cards are in the process of shipping out! We're working on that pretty much non-stop, except when we have to give in to that pesky "sleep" thing. Almost all US preorders from the first round of preorders that we ran at the beginning of 2015, and that will be followed by Canada, EU, and other internation shipments. After that, preorders from the second round this past summer will start shipping. There are several thousand of you, but we'll get them all out!

There's also another bit of news to share with you. Sentinel Tactics: The Battle for Broken City and Sentinel Tactics: For Profit are regrettably delayed. There's no easy way to say that, so it's best just to get it out in a single sentence. Definitely no one likes a delay on something they're excited for, and this is no exception. One of the issues that arises here is that the fine folks who ordered both Villains of the Multiverse and the new Sentinel Tactics items on the same order would end up waiting longer than we really want them to. So, if you ordered both of these things, what we're going to do is split up your shipment and send out Villains of the Multiverse early. The additional shipping is on us, so don't worry about that. Keep an eye out for your shipping notice coming up in the next couple weeks!

That's what we have for you, folks! I hope those of you who have received your games are already busy saving the Multiverse!


Has no commented on how awesome it is that they're doing this?! I'm one of the people who were not excited by the Villains shipping announcement knowing I'd bundled my order into one and was paitiently awating Tactics as well. And then I read this and am now super excited. Thanks a lot everyone at GTG :D

In early Dec I voluntarily split my Villains/For Profit preorder because I was the only one getting the tactics expansions, while I had several people going in on group-shipping for Villains.  I had no problem paying extra now, but I was wondering, considering everyone else who wasn't as pro-active got free shipping, if I could get a credit(even store credit, it's a simple fact I'll be buying the next Sentinels Thing(tm) you guys crank out.)

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Thank you guys so much for paying for the two separate shipping charges!  Delays suck but they're inevitable since a lot of things are out of your control and even for the things within your control I would personally rather wait to get a great game than get a good game early.  All in all I've purchased a ton of products from your company and have had virtually no problems getting the games I love.  Thank you for doing that.