Villains of the Multiverse sets sail!

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Hey, Sentinels fans! Wow, do we have some great news for you. Villains of the MultiverseCelestial TribunalChokepoint, and the Oversized Villain Cards are on a boat!

The printer has informed us that there are lots and lots of boxes loaded up for us and on the way to our warehouse. Now, this is a slow trip. Quite literally, they're on the slow boat from China. But, if our projections are correct, we should be able to start shipping preorders out the week before Christmas! There are literally thousands of boxes to ship out, so, unfortunately, they won't all make it out before then. However, we're going to be working tirelessly to get out as much as we can, as quickly as we can.

Believe me when I say we're probably more excited than you are. In closing, I leave you with a fun little teaser photo from the Oversized Villain Cards sample copy we've received. Enjoy!


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Looking forward to it.  Any chance we get any more game mechanic information regarding our new foes?  

Interesting to see that three heroes previously without a dedicated solo villain now have a shared one in Chokepoint.   I wonder if that means the next set will have one for Scholar. 

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Scholar already has a nemesis: Progeny.

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Nope, Progeny is KNYFE's nemesis 

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Indeed, although I'm fairly certain that VotM will have Biomancer as a Scholar nemesis. Here's to hoping he gets an awesome normal style villain as well!

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Like I said I'm hoping he gets solo villain. I know Biomancer is expected to be his nemesis from this set but like AZ, Bunker, and Unity it would interesting to see a standalone villain for Scholar.  

that's great news!

On Chokepoint, It looks like it's a combination of Bunker's armor, Absolute Zero's armor, and Unity's... pink (modifications).  Did we get a backstory for Chokepoint yet?  

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Don't forget Fanatic's arm guards, and K.N.Y.F.E arms, 

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The hands look like Omnitron-X

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Now if we assume that it's all techno/metal based copies, then it may be a possibility (a small one at that) that those metal baldes on her right arm could be chrono ranger thing as well. While those blades on the left arm could be Wraith's razor ordinace. 

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Well this is good news in deed

Guessing I have to wait a good while longer as I pre-ordered these with the new Tactics games to be delivered in one big shippment to save on costs.

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My understanding is that that is the case, yes. Wasn't the playtesting focus for Tactics due to start about now? Meaning at least 6 months (factoring in the turnaround at the printers) before your stuff arrives.

Will there be stand alone versions of these villains? Maybe with the oversized villain set?

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A few of them already do in Plague Rat, Miss Information, and La Capitan.    However, I doubt any of the others will get standalone decks.  

I'm anticipating, so HARD!

Just checking to see if there is any update when it will appear on my doorstep

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I emailed them yesterday, from what I was told they were expecting the shipment to arrive in the warehouse yesterday afternoon, after they finish the unpacking / inventory they will post up another update and start shipping them out.