Villains of the Multiverse is shipping!

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Villains of the Multiverse has started shipping! That's right, you heard it here first. Actually, we started shipping last week, before we left for the holidays.

Now that we're all back, we can continue getting these packages out the door. We've also received the Oversized Villain Cards, so, if you're waiting on those, you don't have much longer now.

Anyway, that's the super exciting news out of GTG HQ. Back to the shipping table!


Can't wait for it to show up at my door step. Now only if I understood this fedex tracker better

Is it too late to change shipping addresses? I am not living at the location on the order, and never received a confirmation of address e-mail, like I did for Tactics.

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I got an email on that on November 11th. I'd make sure they have the right email, or check your spam folder.

I actually send an email requesting a change before they shipped and never got confirmation it had been done. It is now shipping to the old address. Another email sent in hopes of catching it. :/

Same thing happened to me, although they did confirm that they changed the address. However, got a notification yesterday that it was shipped to the wrong address and is now being shipped back to GtG because it was undeliverable. 

I wasn't able to order from the preorder campaign, but I did preorder from Miniature Market. Will I still get the promos?

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I got promo cards for my pre-order of Wrath of the Cosmos from them, but not the mini-expansions or art pieces, so i'd assume yes.

I did the same as you, but I emailed Miniature Market beforehand asking if I would receive the promos; they said I would, so I finished up my order.  So yes, we should be getting the promos.

When will the web store be in stock for villains and other promos?

Woohooo. So excited to get mine.
I forgot I had preordered the oversized villain cards, too.
So happy now.

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did the oversized villain cards ship with villains or the going to be coming in seperate shipping boxes?

More than likely what we see in picture is how greater than games received the product

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Can't wait!!

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I had a feeling this was on the way considering the sidekick app on my phone and iPad both had updates! Now the long wait...

You placed your order so it would be bundled with the new Tactics games to save on shipping and you still have to wait until those games are finished.

Two fold question,  when should the tactics items be coming & could we pay for shipping to get the villains of the Muliverse & Oversized villain cards, if the wait will be for severally more months?

Thanks, and this is great news for the holidays.


And on top of that, what are the chances we could pay to get the promo cards also?  I'm ok with no on that one.



Feels like it's been forever since I ordered. Can't wait to get a traking number so I can follow it to my door.

Is it possible to ask what the delivery estimates are (for UK), or would we need to check our order?

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i emailed to get my address change for the tactics expansions and the oversized villain cards. Is it too late to do that before the oversized cards ship? i dont live at the old address on the order.


Just wondering when we should be worried if we don't get any notification and so tempted to drive across the state and pick it up myself.


Cape and Mask

I believe it was on the forums that I saw that it'll take a few weeks to get all the orders out. Still in preorder status here.

Tried this with the promos, they told me no. Trust me if I could I would have already driven there and done so. If I can get around the water. Based off what I am seeing with fedex in that area I am expecting delays

So just a quick question here. Are those of us who preordered the next batch of Tactics going to have to wait on those to be done first, or is this going to be like a case of the first tactics set where we got the game first, then all the extra stuff came once it was done?

That would depend on if you chose to put them all under the one delivery option to save on shipping which I did. Then I'm guessing we would have to wait until the Tactics games are ready to ship until we get everything.

Actually no, according to the forum 


  • Because Battle for Broken City has been delayed longer than expected, people who bundled Villains of the Multiverse with Battle for Broken City will have their Villains of the Multiverse portion of the order shipped once the rest of the Villains of the Multiverse preorder has shipped.

So you will be getting them earlier then Battle for Broken City.  At least that is how I read it



I'm assuming others only got their emails today about that the same as I did, so at the time we still assumed that those who had bundled their orders had to wait for Tactics to get their copy of Villains etc, so it was a valid question :)

Do you know how long it will take to process the preorders? I haven't received any emails about delivery, and the order status is still listing as pending, but I'm not waiting for anything with Tactics. I'm happy to wait, I was just getting a little paranoid :s

In a similar boat as above... my order just says "Preordered" ?? no processed or anything... any news on that? like when can i expect it to be processed/shipped/delivered? let me know...

I had an email on the 14th of January saying that FedEx would be delivering my parcel today. I came home from work and was told nothing arrived so I went to check my tracking and it has "Clearance delay - Import" as the status and says the shipment requires a commercial invoice. Guess I just have to wait awhile longer then.