Vengeance Status Update!

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Greetings Sentinels Fans!

As of today, all of the Kickstarter rewards for Vengeance, as well as all of the Vengeance pre-orders, have been shipped! There was a brief delay in shipments to Canada, and some US pre-orders will be arriving over the next several days, but everyone should receive their package shortly.

Now that Vengeance has been shipped to those of you who pre-ordered, we are going to start making it more widely available. This week, we'll be shipping Vengeance to stores and distributors, and making it available on our web store. If you'd like to order a copy directly from us, you can do so here!


I just put in my order, so excited!

Just got my copy of Vengeance today and got it all ready for game night with my buddies! I look forward to the next set of Sentinels stuff so I can keep up and make things interesting for my friends.

i was wondering when the Vengeance will be in the local Hobby Store.

I am sorry i didn't read the top of the page. i am sorry that i didn't spot it first. Thanks Paul