Update on the _________: The _________ Game Contest Games!

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Ahoy, Greater Than Gamers!

Even with all of the work leading up to this coming Tuesday’s Kickstarter, we’ve still been going through all the entries to the _________: The _________ Game Contest entries, and WOW are there a lot of them! The total number of joke meta games entered in the competition is 158! That’s right, one-hundred fifty-eight games! That blows all of our expectations out of the water. As you’d expect, that list of games included a bit of duplication of names and themes, including:

  • 2 Engine Building: The Engine Building Game
  • 2 Hidden Roll: The Hidden Role Game
  • 2 Kingmaker: The Kingmaker Game
  • 2 Player Elimination: The Player Elimination Game
  • 2 Variable Powers: The Variable Powers Game
  • 3 Push Your Luck: The Push Your Luck Game
  • 3 Roll and Move: The Roll and Move Game (and variations)
  • 3 Take That: The Take That Game
  • 5 Bidding Mechanic: The Bidding Mechanic Game (plus 1 Auction: The Auction Game)
  • 5 Co-Op: The Co-Op Game (and variations)
  • 5 Die Rolling: The Die Rolling Game (with interesting name variants)
  • 5 Tile Laying: The Tile Laying Game
  • 7 Hex and Counter: The Hex and Counter Game
  • 9 Hand Management: The Hand Management Game (each with impressively different themes!)
  • 10 Set Collection: The Set Collection Game
  • 11 Trick-Taking: The Trick-Taking Game (or slight variants)
  • 12 Worker Placement: The Worker Placement Game
  • and 16 Drafting: The Drafting Game (with some variation)

We knew there was a chance there might be some overlap in names and themes, as there are a finite number of game designs out there, but we didn’t expect to have this many! Even still, we will be considering each game on it’s own merits, only comparing it to other games of the same/similar name/theme if it comes down to a tie between the two.

Ultimately, all of the designers who entered this contest are winners, as all of them thought about game design and bad awesome jokes, and we’re definitely winners, as we got to read all those jokes games.

We’re still in the process of narrowing down our list, but our goal is to have the list down to a few/several finalists by the end of next week, who we will then e-mail asking for any updates/clarifications/prototypes/etc.

Thank you all, designers, gamers, jokers, and more for being a part of making this year so great!

-Christopher, Peter, and Chris


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So something like over 60 different mechanics represented.... Wow!  Kinda pleased that my entry was one of the unique ones (not that that means my novice entry is better than the others, I'm just happy no one else thought of my idea).

But... Kingmaker?  That's classic game history.  Avalon Hill's Kingmaker is one of the great board games of the 1970s.  Of course, thinking about that only makes me more interested to see what someone else did with it.

I wish you could pick a dozen or more of these, I'm so intereted to know what folks came up with.

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YOU USED KINGMAKER!? I am very impressed. Introduced it to one of my gaming groups s free week ago. Sadly, they found it pretty boring. It will always be a sentimental favorite of mine.

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Kingmaker, Cosmic Encounter, and Titan were the most common games my friends and I played in college in 80s. "Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end."

To clarfy though, I just played the old AH Kingmaker, I'm not one of the two people who submitted "Kingmaker: the Kingmaker game" to the game mechanci contest.  My entry was a different mechanic not on the list.

I'm pretty sure that kingmaker, in this context, is not referring to the AH game but rather to the situation whee a player, through their decisions, can determine which of the other players will win.


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Titan is awesome. Cosmic Encounter was too luck-based and dependent on other player's actions for my tastes. Haven't had a chance to play Kingmaker.

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Woohoo! I'm the only one that used my theme/mechanic!

...Then again, I've only ever heard of one other game that used a similar mechanic, so I guess that's not too surprising. I just hope the game itself is convincing.

Were confirmation emails sent to all the entries?

Implies that the finalists have been chosen, so I am guessing the emails have been sent out?



Oh what a ride has been!  Thanks for giving us all a chance to participate!  I had a lot of fun and so did my friends.  I look forward to seeing the final games on April 1st!