Time for a Hunting Party!

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Greetings, Sentinels fans!

The Villains of the Multiverse are getting craftier and more dangerous! Ambuscade has learned quite a bit from his numerous losses, including the value of a team of allies. Read on to find out more!


Ansel G. Moreau, world-famous French action movie star, has a few dark secrets. His hobby of big game hunting has spiraled out of control - his constant need for bigger and more threatening prey has him hunting the very heroes that protect the earth! To this end, he employed a shady genetics corporation to give him superpowers, but the process went terribly wrong, scarring his million-dollar face and ending his acting career. However, he did gain some new, energy-manipulation abilities from the process, which he plans to put to sinister use. Taking the name Ambuscade, he employs his powers and a vast arsenal to hunt the heroes he considers to be the most dangerous and powerful.

After defeat at the hands of the numerous heroes, Ambuscade knew he had to changes his tactics. It was time to form a hunting party! From other villains he had worked with on various jobs, to monsters he’d defeated in former hunts, to mercenaries he could tempt with the allure of quick riches, Ambuscade cobbled together a team of ne’er-do-wells: the Slaughterhouse Six! Each of them have their own prey they hope to take down, and they all aid each other in their vile hunts. More dangerous than ever, the Slaughterhouse Six is a threat to the safety of many heroes and their allies!

Ambuscade and the Slaughterhouse Six are hunting heroes! Any heroes that would make for an interesting trophy are high priority targets, and The Naturalist is at the top of their list! Beware!


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Who are these other fiendish members of the Slaughterhouse Six?  How did The Naturalist come to be the primary target over Haka?

He can change into big game cheeky

I'm guessing that change came by route of repeated application of Haka's mere, taiaha, and fists. He IS capable of learning.

Is that the red suit girl from the For Profit box?

So Ambuscade's Vengenance deck is a team..... within a team? That seems pretty darned awesome.



(I know the others had their own little targets, but this sounds like they work together? Maybe? Or am I just reading to much in to it?)

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I think you're spot on, for at least some of the decks.  With Ambuscade and the Slaughterhouse Six, Plague Rat and his handlers, and characters on the cover of Villains that look like La Capitan and The Operative (both members of larger groups), these decks (at least) are very faction-themed.  I think that where the original decks were very much "super-powered leader and minions), these will be more like an assault team and their field commander.  Whereas the original V5 group had mini-nemeses for each hero that gained bonus effects if their nemesis was present in the game, I'm guessing these factional decks will have bonus effects contingent on the presence of the other members of their team, like the members of a D&D party supporting each other.  The cleric makes the fighter more effective, who creates openings for the rogue to backstab into, which prevents enemies from closing with the wizard, and so on.  I think at least some of these decks with operate on a similar principle.

Well, consider me completely and totally sold on this expansion then. I mean, I was before, but man, this is sounding extra awesome. This would make the villains from this set play in a distinct manner from the vengeance ones, without make them feel awkward.

Good point, chainsaw.

Are you thinking something like the deck for the Sentinels team?  A villain does X, and if villain Y is on the board then another effect happens?

He's the one that I'm most interested in, mainly because he's such an odd fit. 

It's probably going to be a fun story. 



I'm getting a kind of Vulture-esque feel from the blue and pink bird man. Anyone else?

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They all have a Sinister Six vibe so Vulture definitely fits. 

I'm embarassed for not picking up on the whole Sinister 6 thing. 

How does this sound for comparison?(from left to right)

Lava Guy-Sandman

Bird Guy-Vulture



Electric Guy-Electro

chubby guy with goggles- Doc Ock (nothing really says this other than he's the only one left)




Been looking through my SOTM game recently and discovered the Slaughterhouse Six have already appeared on some of the cards.

(Setback - High Risk Behavior): The entire group appears of this card. The chubby guy with the goggles, he looks HUGE. He's standing head and shoulders taller than Ambuscade and about twice as wide. (My first impression when I saw him was "fat Batman" because of the shape of his headgear.)

(Setback - Plucky Break): Electric Guy can throw lightning bolts.

(Setback - Uncharmed Life): Girl appears to be able to create illusionary duplicates of herself (or the fight is in a hall of mirrors).

(Tachyon - Nimble Strike): Girl again, same hall of mirrors effect.

(The Naturalist - Hyperactive Senses): Girl yet again, definately appear to be a bunch of illusionary duplicates.

(Protetariat - The Radioactivist): Looks rather like the glowing lava guy, has a grudge against Unity for some reason.

Incidently, Glamour from the For Profit expansion for Sentinel Tactics looks a lot like the girl but without the hair, a later version, perhaps.