Third Reveal: Miss Information

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At noon (my time, that is), I tweeted, "Third question! Proletariat can made physical copies of himself. What is the name of the villain who copies themself illusorily?"

(I phrased it that way just to use the word "illusorily".)

It took no longer. Once again, Ben "Tachyon Hands" Wray knew the answer. "Glamour" (There were other correct answerers as well.)

Time to learn about Miss Information's role in the Villains of the Multiverse!


Aminia Twain was the administrative assistant for the Freedom Five for many years, before she was replaced with an alternate version of herself from a dimension which had overlapped "our" dimension due to ripples in the space/time continuum.

This new version "fell" through the space/time rift when she died, a death which she felt was the fault of her employers: The Freedom Five. Thus, this new, darker, jaded Aminia Twain began exacting her revenge. At first, it was minor things, like sabotaging Bunker's suit or stealing The Wraith's gear, but her rage could not be quelled by simple pranks. Her improbable extra-planar journey had left her twisted, and she needed more. 

However, there was one who saw through her schemes and realized the truth almost immediately: the hero known as Parse. Because of her uncanny ability to see the truth and the flaws of things, she could tell that Aminia Twain was, in fact, the elusive villain known as Miss Information! In a showdown between Parse and Miss Information in the Pike chemical plant, a vat of dangerous, untested chemicals was broken, burning and sweeping Aminia away through chemical drains.

Her body was never recovered.

Now, Miss Information has returned. She no longer fights against the heroes from within the safety of Freedom Tower. Rather, she uses her new, unpredictable powers of twisting reality itself to destroy and subvert, and to turn heroes against each other.

Miss Information still has it out for the Freedom Five, but she has also gathered allies who bear similar grudges against other teams of heroes, as she knows well the strength in numbers. The heroes have their work cut out for them, and Miss Information is eager to help them fail at every possible opportunity.



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No Nemesis clue, maybe she stays Parse?

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Who is her new nemesis?!


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Maybe she actually has all five of the Freedom Five as her nemesis?

Could her nemesis be the whole FV, with other targets in her deck having Dark Watch, Prime Wardens, etc.?

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The "hero" that's its own team, The Sentinels

!!!!! Her new outfit is everything. Her face, the eye on the dress, white fishnets (!), I can barely contain my excitement and urge to cosplay. 

Yeah, that's my guess, like Iron Legs having the F6

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So we're talking Scarlet Witch level world-mucking? Woof. While I'm not quite sure how I feel about her apparent breast enhancement surgery, I'm very enticed to see just what an unbridled Miss Information is capable of.

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Apparently with great power comes great sexualization.

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Rather like the older sister in That Disney Movie, then.

I'm glad that she's back, but why did she stop to get a boob job before returning?

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If she has reality warping powers, she mightn't have had to stop...

Anyway, major fail on Kim's part there. If she'd just thought about it, she would have realised that of course a vat of dangerous checmicals would give Aminia Twain superpowers.

Whatever happened to "our" dimension's Amina Twain when this version took her place?

This piece is giving a brief version of what was mentioned in Miss Information's original backstory piece.  The 'prime universe' Amania Twain was killed when part of Freedom Tower collapsed on her during a villain attack.  But then temporal mumbo-jumbo undid the event so the building never collapsed in the first place and she never died -- but she remembers dying, trapped under the rubble, alone in the dark with her pain.  And the heroes never came to get her.

The original story described it less like 'replaced by an evil duplicate' than 'experienced a life-shattering event'.  It's kind of selfish -- "Why didn't they come get me?!" when they're trying to save the entire city -- but there isn't an 'our' Amania and 'other' Amania; there's just one person who briefly saw what could have happened.