The Villains of the Multiverse, Battle for Broken City, and For Profit preorder is live!

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Welcome to the Sentinel Comics 2015 Preorder! For the next seven weeks, all of the items from existing Sentinel Comics products that we will publish in 2015 are available for preorder! This is a ton of exciting stuff, including:

Sentinels of the Multiverse: Villains of the Multiverse

This expansion for Sentinels of the Multiverse adds ten Vengeance-style Villains and two Environments.

For every copy of Villains of the Multiverse you order, you will also receive three art prints, a set of 7 promo cards, a villain mini-expansion, and an environment mini-expansion!

Sentinel Tactics: Battle for Broken City

Battle for Broken City is a standalone Sentinel Tactics game that may be combined with The Flame of Freedom. It adds new scenarios, characters, and maps!

For every copy of Battle for Broken City you order, you will also receive three art prints and a set of 18 promo cards!

Sentinel Tactics: For Profit

For Profit is an expansion for Sentinel Tactics that uses material from The Flame of Freedom, Uprising, and Battle for Broken City. It adds new scenarios and characters!

For every copy of For Profit you order, you will also receive two bonus alternate Character Panels!


Sentinels of the Multiverse: Oversized Villain Cards

That’s right! This preorder campaign also includes the long-awaited reprint of the Oversized Villain Cards! This will be a complete pack, containing one oversized card for every non-Vengeance-style villain in the game, including villain promo cards!


Sentinel Miniatures

Two sets of Sentinel Miniatures are available during this preorder, and they come in both painted and unpainted varieties. Sentinel Miniatures: Minions is the upcoming set of miniatures that was first available as an add-on during the Sentinel Tactics: The Flame of Freedom Kickstarter campaign. It will be released in the next few months, and you can preorder it here: painted or unpainted.

Sentinel Miniatures: Broken City & For Profit contains miniatures for all of the characters in Sentinel Tactics: Broken City and Sentinel Tactics: For Profit, and will be published at the same time as those games. You can find the painted minis here and the unpainted minis here.


Sentinel Tactics Scenario Maps

These scenario maps were first made available as part of the Add-On Pack during the Sentinel Tactics: The Flame of Freedom Kickstarter campaign, and will be released in the next few months. They are available for preorder here for anyone who missed the Add-On during last year’s Kickstarter. You can get the Citadel of the Sun, Freedom Tower, Wagner Mars Base, and the Mobile Defense Platform.


Here is a complete list of the preorder items:



The main reason for a large preorder involving all Sentinel Comics products for 2015 is the added flexibility it offers you regarding shipping.

If you want to minimize shipping costs, you can order any number of preorder items together in a single order and only pay shipping once. This entire order will be held until all of the preorder items are available. We also encourage people to combine pre-orders with friends; every copy of Villains of the Multiverse, Sentinel Tactics: Battle for Broken City, or Sentinel Tactics: For Profit in a pre-order will come with a set of each of the listed promo items.

If you want to ensure that you receive preorder items as soon as they are released and do not mind paying extra shipping, you can place multiple orders, each containing different preorder items. For anyone interested in doing so, the items available through this preorder will be shipped in three “batches”, which are, not necessarily in chronological order:

  1. Villains of the Multiverse + Oversized Villain Cards

  2. Sentinel Miniatures: Minions + Sentinel Tactics maps

  3. Sentinel Tactics: Broken City + For Profit + Associated Miniatures

Finally, we have some special shipping rates for Canadian and European customers. For Canada, we have a flat rate of $15 for orders under 10lbs, which goes up by only $5 for every additional 10lb increment. For EU customers, the flat rate is $40 for orders under 10lbs, which also goes up by $5 for every additional 10lb increment.


Sentinel Tactics: The Flame of Freedom Kickstarter Backers

Some of these preorder items may be things that you are already expecting as a result of backing Sentinel Tactics: The Flame of Freedom, such as the Minions miniatures or the scenario maps. If your pledge included either of those items, you will be getting yours first, as soon as we get them. No need to preorder them here.


Stay Tuned for More Information

We will be posting more detailed story updates throughout the preorder as that counter on our front page reaches auspicious numbers! If you would like to receive emails of these story updates, or of other announcements throughout the preorder, you can subscribe to our Preorder Updates Mailing List!


Just to clarify, if we want everything as soon as possible, we should make three seperate orders in the store, one for each batch you guys stated above? And they will ship ASAP, not at the end of 2015 like the store checkout page says?


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My guess is that the two Sentinels Tactics games and corresponding miniatures will be released at the same time.  I think they put "end of 2015" as a placeholder, but they'll ship each order as soon as everything in that order is ready to go.  I split it into two orders: One for Sentinels of the Multiverse goodies, one for Sentinel Tactics goodies.

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That is correct! If you place three orders, grouping things as mentioned in the post, everything will ship as soon as it is available.


What should we do if we already placed the order?

Is it possible to cancel my order (placed yesterday) so that I can re-order for 3 shipments?


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From the way it's worded, it doesn't look like there any milestone unlocks (my new term for "stretch goals," since we aren't funding the production, just preordering the games).  The descriptions tell you all the nifty stuff you're getting right out of the gate, no benchmark number of copies ordered for everyone to get the nifty extras.

Yeah, it cuts down on the anticipation, but HOLY CRAP LOOK AT ALL THE THINGS!!!  No heroes at all, though, not even a mini-expansion.  The promos could be heroes, but since it's been all villains, all the time so far, we could be seeing a batch of seven new villain promos.  ALL THE THINGS!!!

Unless the forged-of-awesome >G folks are keeping something hidden up their collective sleeve.  But they wouldn't do something sneaky like that to us loyal fans.  Right, guys!



I would like some clarification on this as well.

I'm not anticipating any new heroes in the near future (other than possibly promo cards). All heroes currently out have nemisies in Vengence (if not one of hte main villains in the decks) and I think they planned to keep it that way. I'm thrilled for the new villians and would love to see some hero promos though.

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I think I might have misinterpreted the "from previous orders" part of the initial announcement. Did you have to have ordered the actual Oversized Villain Card pack to be getting this one for free, or does having preordered Wrath of the Cosmos get you the new Villain card pack?

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In order to get the new Oversized Villain Pack for free, you have to be one of the several dozen people who ordered the Oversized Villain pack in the past year or so but were never shipped it. If you are in that category, I sent you an email last week :)

Okay, on the "Villains" box, I definitely recognize Ambuscade, La Capitan, and Plague Rat. Looks like Citizen Hammer picked up a visor somewhere. I'm guessing the dude in the white hood is Biomancer and the cigar-chomper in the front is Sergeant Steel. 

On the "Broken City" Box, that's definitely Expatriette, Mr. Fixer, and Setback. Chick with the falcon - Matriarch on a "face" turn? Not sure who the spear guy or the darkened figure with the purple flames are (purple flame guy might be Spite). 

On "For Profit" - Definitely the Hippo. Yellow tank top might be Ermine. Got nothing on the other two. 

I think that's the Operative in red in the back for "Villians"

As for "Broken City" - still processing Matriarch on Dark Watch (where's Nightmist?) but I do feel that the darkened figure is Spite.  As for the spear guy, the description mentions someone called Exemplar, so maybe that's him.

I'm not sure if I'm feeling Ermine as the tanktop girl on "For Profit", she seems more fire based.  The mysterious red jumpsuit female, maybe Ermine trying to hide her identity more - plus her fascinations with jewels points more towards her as well.

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So, is this going to be the only way to get the oversized villain cards for the Wrath villains, Wager Master, and whoever the new mystery mini-expansion villain is? I mean, I've been Kickstarting stuff since Relics and so already have most of them.

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Yes, this will be the only way to get the new Oversized Villain Cards. Many of the old cards have slight wording changes to fix typos or errata, and they are all getting a slight graphic design update.

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So I guess the old oversized villain cards are only good for kindling in the fireplace now.

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Or giving to a friend who doesn't have the base oversized cards.


I know i've done similar when I've gotten duplicate promos for various reasons.

I'm fairly irritated with this.  Wasteful of resources, wasteful of money.  I'm essentially paying 15 bucks for 4 or 5 cards if I order.

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I'm sympathetic, but note please that it's not quite that bad. Four Wrath of the Cosmos villains, Wager Master, Zombie Gloomweaver, and Zombie Spite is 7.

There is also a chance that there will be more promo villains in the set, though we don't know yet.

That comes out to about 2 bucks a card, which is still seems pretty steep.  Honestly, I'm as much frustrated by the being forced to buy 21 cards I don't need.  (26? Is Vengeance included?  I don't recall.)  It's terribly wasteful (and offends my environmental sensibilities).  I understand the logistics behind not offering them as singles or a bazillion different combinations, but a garauntee you the VAST majority of folks who end up buying this are buying it to complete the Wrath set and NOT because they need Baron Blade et al.

While I'm not optimistic, the wording does allow for, if not directly hint at, villains who haven't been discussed being included.  It says "This set contains an oversized card for every villain which will ever be printed", with the exception of vengeance villains, which already have larger cards. Assuming that villains of the multiverse hase vengeance-style cards as well, the only unprinted villain card we know of is the vengeance of the multiverse promo villain, which could be vengeance style as well, only time will tell. The statement is left open-ended enough to allow for more, however and, given the flavor and background of both Progeny and Deadline, I'm considering the possibility of ther being another, possibly final, set on the horizon, which, according to that line, this set of oversized villain cards would include.

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I realize you're at PAX now, but when you get a chance, any way you could give us an idea what these graphic design changes entail?

Edit: Fixed

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This is a problem, and we're fixing it.

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I pledged 250 and added minis and maps with Flame of Freedom, so I should get Minions minis anyways correct?


So if I want to get everything I don't already have it would be the new minis, the games and the oversized cards (which is a ton of money for me right now)

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Correct, if you added Minis & Maps to your Flame of Freedom pledge, you are already getting the Minions minis!

Is the villian mini expansion a Vengeance style villian or stand-alone villian? 

Is there a reason the villains of the multiverse box will be the same size as vengeance and the base set? 10 villains doesn't seem to need to have that much room.

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The reason is because I'm pretty sure you're the first person who's ever actually wanted less box space. With Wrath of the Cosmos, everyone's boxes are pretty much full to bursting.

If I could fit every villiain in a single box that would be handy. I'm just thinking of shipping costs and shelf space. :)

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I know mine's at "well, it fits, but with little enough room people have trouble getting that first deck out."

I missed the Wrath of the Cosmos preorder - will I be able to add this on to this preorder? Any chance of getting the Wrath promos thrown in as well?

For Shattered Timelines, you offered a pickup at PAX Australia to save on shipping costs. Do you intend to do this again this year? (PAX AUS is in October).

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Yes, you can add Wrath of the Cosmos to this preorder! We unfortunately can't offer PAX Aus pickup this year for logistical reasons, but you will be able to get the Wrath of the Cosmos promos if you come by our booth!

Do you have a release timeline?  Not so much a schedule, but a "this before that before that" type of thing?  This will help me decide if I need to split my order and endure mutiple shipping charges to Canada.

Yes, if you guys have any order, that'd be fantastic. I'll be ordering them all, but while Tactics is fantastic, Sentinels is one of my core games. I'd pay extra to have it earlier, but if it's the last thing to be shipped anyway...

WOW!!!! $33.40 (or is it $40) shipping to the UK for a $29.95 game? How does that make sense? Well I would say 'At least its FedEx so should be quick' but hmmm I am still waiting for my Wrath of The Cosmos to even be dispatched (and yes I understand why its not been dispatched yet) so maybe even thats not true:(. ATM Im failing to see where the incentive is to pre-order and failing badly.
Well I was going to pre-order but will have to give this some careful thought and maybe just get it later retail which is a shame :(

1. I understand that kickstarter backers for the addons won't have to preorder again, but is this the timeline set for when we receive our items i.e. After sentinel villains? 


2. If I order painted miniatures for the new tactics expansions, will it be sent in wave 3? Or will they have some sort of delayed shipping schedule like the first kickstarter plan?

Hello, just wondering which of the free oversized cards we get, for when we pre-ordered Wrath of the Cosmos, I just want to know If I need to buy this as I might only be receiving some of the cards for the pre-order of WOC and not all the ones In the new oversized pack.

I know It previously was said that you had to ordered the over-sized cards to get them free, but It was also mentioned elsewhere that the people who pre-ordered WOC would get free oversized cards also.

Thank You, I enjoy the game and good luck with all the pre-orders.

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You mentioned that we could spread out our orders separately if we wanted them to ship as soon as they're ready.  I'm making an assumption that ordering the Oversized Cards and VotM in the same package is pretty safe; I can see both of these things being finished around the same time.  I wouldn't want my Villains of the Multiverse to be delayed because it's waiting on some oversized cards.


How long do we have until this preorder period is finished? I live abroad, and was super-bummed to learn that I missed out on pre-ordering the WotC expansion with the Prime Wardens and KNYFE promos (any chance these 2 will be made available?)

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I think they missed posting it here but mid March is their plan.   I'm sure they'll post the last day for preorders shortly.  

Previous post says "The preorder will run until March 12th, 2015. "

On the preorder page for Sentinel Tactics: Battle for Broken City it say's:


"Additional Bonus! Every copy of Sentinel Tactics: Battle for Broken City ordered during this preorder campaign comes with three art prints and a pack of eighteen promo cards: one additional Power Card for each character from the Battle for Broken City core game AND the For Profit expansion!"

I'm guessing that last bit means you get an additional power card for each character from both the core game and the expansion and not that you get the For Profit expansion itself as an additional bonus item yes?

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Correct. It's a power card pack for both.

Edit: Nevermind, I was being dumb!

Will the new Villains expansion include rules, extra cards or similar to allow the original style of play? (i.e. the single Villain against the Heroes).

Or will we need to make our own mod, like we did with Vengeance?



According to the Oversized Villain Cards page:

"This set contains an oversized card for every villain which will ever be printed (other than those which come with their own oversized cards, such as the Vengeance villains)."

Does that mean that "Villains of the Multiverse" is the final Sentinels of the Multiverse expansion that contains villains? Will there be any more environments/heroes after this, or are we approaching the end? Also, this is implying that "Villains of the Multiverse" villains will not have oversized cards. Are the only ones that will come in this pack that weren't in the previous pack Wager Master, Infiniator, Deadline, Kaargra Warfang, Progeny, Skinwalker Gloomweaver, and Agent of Gloom Spite?

They use the future tense when discussing it, "every villain card which will ever be printed", So I think there has got to be at least one new villain worthy of a big card. It might turn out to just be the villains of the multiverse promo villain, but I think there might be at least one set left. Two of the wrath of the cosmos villains, Progeny and Deadline, imply a world-breaking catastrope is on the way. I doubt they'd bother with that without following through. (Plus, Progeny is pretty much just silver Surfer, which means we need our Galactus.)

Now, it's possible that the blue guy on the Villains of the multiverse box(far left side of art, and also the face on the side) might be that threat. As there are 11 character on the box but it says there's only supposed to be 10 villains, either one of the villains needs to be two people or one of the people on the box needs to be the promo, and he just sticks out the most to me. But, while i might be wrong cus it's just a picture, that box looks like it's sized to include more than just that set.

Powerhound_2000's picture

Citizens Hammer and Anvil are on the box and most likely are the villains who would be paired.  It would be very odd to have one of those villains on the box to be directly a promo

Ah, my bad. I recognized Anvil, but not Hammer. I had assumed that vengeance style villains wouldn't be paired, with it already being teams and all.

I want to add in the oversized cards to my preorder (I jumped the gun placing my order before finishing reading the whole page.)  I also have some friends that I'd like to add orders for to minimize shipping.  Who do I contact about this?  There doesn't seem to be a way to cancel an order so I can place a new consolidated order.

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I'm in the same boat.  


I'm kind of surprised there's not an easy (or at least clearly visible) way to contact >G about a specific order.  I tried the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the page, but there was no confirmation of whether my message was even received or if/when I'd ever get a response.