The villain Infinitor causes shipping delay?!

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Greetings, Wrath of the Cosmos preorderers!

First off, we have a new villain for you to meet. Then, after that, some various bits of information. 

So, without further ado, here's Infinitor!


The events that led to Hugh Lowsley gaining cosmic powers were far less kind to his older brother Nigel. Nigel awoke from being overwhelmed by the power of the crystal from beyond their galaxy, but he could barely perceive the world around him. His vision swam, his blood boiled in his veins, and his ears rung with the screams of otherworldly voices. Reaching out instinctively, Nigel drew unknown power from a nearby source and somehow flew straight up into the night sky, pulsing with a sickly green energy.

Nigel drifted among the stars for years. He did not question how he was able to survive in the vacuum of space, nor how he did not need to eat or sleep. He had no time for such petty questions. He existed only to hear the voices. At first, it was only the screams that he heard, but given time, those screams became as gentle music when compared to the horrifying whispers. The screams were mere madness, but the whispers… they were something even worse.

After time immeasurable, Nigel was no more. All that remained was Infinitor, the apotheosis of the infinite madness of the cosmos. Infinitor was being drawn-- or was he driven? It was hard to tell. Either way, he was inexorably compelled to return to the planet Earth. There, he would use his powers to create manifestations of his internal demons and reveal to the naïve humans the true nature of existence. All at the behest of those insufferable whispers...


So, that's Infinitor. He's a bit of a mess, and he is keen on sharing that mess with the denizens of planet Earth. It is not likely to go well.

Speaking of things not going well, we finally got updating shipping information on the container full of Wrath of the Cosmos, mini-expansions, and promos. They are still in-transit and won't be here for at least two more weeks. That's really disappointing - trust me, we are as upset about it as you are, if not more so. At this point, our hope is to have them in the mail to you by the end of the year, but we are no longer likely to have them to you in time for Christmas.

We know that a lot of you were hoping to give Wrath of the Cosmos as a gift, and so, since we slightly behind schedule, Jenn - our awesome new Graphic Designer - made this great certificate!

Here is a link to a PDF of it, for printing purposes.

We are very sorry that we won't have the preorders out as soon as we were shooting for, but we commit to getting them to you ASAP. Thank you for your patience and understanding. And keep your eyes peeled for more news and reveals!


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Sorry to hear about the delay - that does suck. But the gift certificate is an awesome idea! laugh

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Such a tragic fate

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At least we know the dirty dog that did the dastardly dead.  


Looking forward to playing this with my kids and friends. smiley  Feel free to include Super Scientific Tachyon if you're that upset about missing the date.  cheekycheeky

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Or maybe not :).  Thanks for the updated!   

I'm actually prety OK with the delay. I was worried the game would arrive during a week long window I wasn't going to be home and sit on my front porch for a few days, now this won't happen. Thanks for the update guys!

Well, I'm a little sad to hear this. However, we did get Sentinel Tactics almost six months earlier than anticipated, too, so I guess it all balances out! Thanks for the updates, and keep the multiverse rockin'! :)

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I see Guise is still hiding behind his crafty disguise! (The blister pack image of Guise is quite pixelated, I assume deliberately.)

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Is there any update on status of container that can be released to the public?

GtG --

I know you said you would update us when you heard more about the shipping container... I've tried to be patient, but I'm dying with anticipation. Now that the initial "at least two weeks" have passed and the end of the year is upon us, I'm hoping for an update!

Even if your only update is "we have no further updates, still waiting on the shipping container", please let us know! Every time I get a GtG news update sent to my email that doesn't contain anything about Wrath of the Cosmos I grow more anxious about the safety of the Multiverse.

Thank you, and Happy New Year.

-- J

I created this account just so I could agree with this. I hope it's not just me, but I've had to make frequent trips to a couple local game stores on other business this holiday season... I know we're getting extras, and I get that the delay couldn't be avoided, but seeing it on the shelves, knowing I've purchased it but can't play with it yet is getting a liiiittle frustrating.