The Letters Page!

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Hello, friends! Christopher here to tell you about an exciting thing!

Over two and a half years ago, we announced on the GTG Forum that Adam and I were working on a podcast. We said at that point that we wanted to launch the podcast within a few months... and we DID want to do that... but here we are. So much later.

But it's happening! We've actually done it! Along with the invaluable assistance of Trevor Casterline of Sheepshead Studios (who does all of our Kickstarter videos and other media stuff as well!), The Letters Page is a real podcast now! You can go check out the first episode RIGHT NOW! (Spoilers: it's about Legacy.)

We'll be posting new episodes every Tuesday, along with occasional short Thursday episodes for clarifications or side issues. Look forward to the first short episode in two days!

This is a lead in to Multiverse Month, naturally, as we're just 10 days away from the anniversary of the formation of Greater Than Games. So, listen to The Letters Page, and go to your local gaming stores and play some games! Sounds like a good month to me!


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*breathe *