The end of the year brings many new things!

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Greetings, denizens of the Multiverse! We here at Greater Than Games hope that this last month of the year is treating you well!

We're excited to show you all of the new things that are happening here, and the new products that we're about to release!



First off, the moment some of you have been waiting for has arrived! We once again have Sentinels of the Multiverse: Enhanced Edition, Rook City & Infernal Relics, as well as all of the SotM mini-expansions in stock! There are a few minor changes to these products:

There are four errata'd cards in this new printing of Sentinels of the Multiverse: Enhanced Edition. For those of you who previously purchased copies of the game and want to ensure that you have the latest and greatest text on your cards, we are offering a pack of all of the errata’d cards on our web store for $0.01 - this basically means that all you have to do to get these cards is pay for shipping on a padded USPS First Class envelope (or combine them with a larger order).

Here are the four cards which have been changed for this printing:

Errata'd Cards!

In other exciting news, Rook City and Infernal Relics have been reprinted together in one Enhanced Edition size box as a “double expansion”. It contains all the same decks as the original printings of the expansions, but the larger box should provide a helpful amount of extra storage space for those Sentinels fans who like to sleeve their cards or just need more storage because bigger is better. Right? Check out this glorious new box!

Rook City and Infernal Relics Box Set

So beautiful!

For those of you who are just looking to pick up Rook City or Infernal Relics, we have a solution for you. For December 2013 only, we will be selling a limited number of stand-alone, out-of-box copies of Rook City and of Infernal Relics. These will be shrink wrapped game cards and divider cards, and will ship without a game box or rule book. And for those of you who already have everything but love the new box and can't live without it, we will also be selling the empty Rook City/Infernal Relics box. These will be just the box plus one foam block, and will be potentially useful to anyone with Original Edition who doesn’t have an Enhanced Edition box, or to anyone who sleeves their cards and would like extra storage space. 



In addition to the return of old products, we also have an exciting surprise new product!

Mr. Chomps!

Meet Mr. Chomps, the plush toy version of Unity’s Raptor Bot! We only have several hundred Mr. Chomps available in December, so if you’d like to make sure to get one before the end of the year, order early! (We will be getting significantly more in January, so if you don't get one of the limited few before the end of the year, don't fret.)

Mr. Chomps has been in the office with us for a couple weeks now, and he's been really helpful! Just look at all the activities he's helped us with recently:

Mr. Chomps at the GTG Headquarters

So, when we tell you that Mr. Chomps is a life-enhancer, we do so based on a good amount of experience. I mean, look at that guy! So helpful.



To celebrate the end of our third year as Greater Than Games, we are going to be running an exciting new promotion on our web store through the end of the month!

Every order placed from our web store from today until the end of December (12:00am CST 3 December 2013 through 11:59pm CST 31 December 2013) will be shipped with a set of promo cards, free of charge! The promo pack includes four hero promo cards and two villain promos! The four heroes are the team Dark Watch! Dark Watch is made up of Expatriette, Mr. Fixer, NightMist, and Setback - they work together against the more dark elements of the Multiverse which plague this reality. And they're ready for just about anything!

Dark Watch

The villain promos are Spite and GloomWeaver! 

Infernal Spite and Skin Walker GloomWeaver

GloomWeaver had never felt such hatred as felt by Jack Donovan. So, when the villain known as Spite died, GloomWeaver offered him another chance to wreak havoc, but this time as an Agent of Gloom! Spite now hunts victims to bring about a new era of true gloom. And GloomWeaver works to enter this realm in a new way: this time through a vessel of flesh. Both of these promos bring horrifying new twists to the villain stories you have seen before from Spite and GloomWeaver. Good thing Dark Watch is here to help!



For those of you who in the US would like to receive these products by Christmas, the FedEx Ground deadline will be 11:59pm on Monday 12/16, and the FedEx 2-Day deadline will be 11:59pm on Saturday 12/19. Unfortunately, we can make no guarantees for international shipping, due to customs and related issues, or for USPS. However, our FedEx international orders typically arrive in about a week. In any case, ALL orders placed between today and the 16th will be held and shipped out together on December 17th. This is to allow us to properly unload all of our freight and ensure that orders are packed and processed properly. So, if you order something now, don't expect it to ship for another week or two, but know that you will get it before the 25th.

In summary, our web store now contains:

New Products for December
Rook City/Infernal Relics double expansion - $39.95
Mr. Chomps Plushie - $19.95
Errata Pack - $0.01
Rook City (just cards) - $18.95 DECEMBER ONLY
Infernal Relics (just cards) - $18.95 DECEMBER ONLY
Empty RC/IR expansion box - $1.95 DECEMBER ONLY

Products Back in Stock
SotM: Enhanced Edition - $39.95
All SotM Mini-Expansions - $4.95 and $3.95

Free Promo Cards
DarkWatch + Spite + Gloomweaver DECEMBER ONLY



Enjoy the rest of your year! We know we will enjoy sending out these exciting things to all of you!

Happy Holidays from GTG!

Have fun, and keep on saving the Multiverse!



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Can I get these promo cards with my order even if I'm just getting the 1 cent errata'd cards?

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Will the promo Spite and Gloomweaver come with oversized villain cards? I will be needing those.

co-signed.  I know it's unlikely (and think it's cool that you're just flat offering these promos) but I'd love to have them match the rest of my villains.


I wonder, did Vengeance go over-sized also or will that be in the future?

BlueHairedMeerkat's picture

And now I play the game of 'are errata'd cards and promo cards worth $40 shipping?'...

I'm not sure that the fact that I'm even considering that is entirely healthy.

Silverleaf's picture

Same! I didn't preorder Vengeance for the same reason.

how can i aquire setback

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Setback is in the Vengeance expansion (coming Feb 2014), this is an interesting choice for a promo as people will have the promo before the deck!

I only intend to order the errata pack, however the quote international shipping cost is $23 dollars. Is there a mistake? Thank you. 

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Uncanny X-Men #361? Is this a secret clue you are trying to tell us Christopher?

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Also if you look on Adam's screen a character that looks like Wraith or Visionary is clearly lassoing the moon with a rope while Legacy looks on confused.

I think it is clear that Wraith (or possibly Visionary) is actually Baron Blade's Daughter, and is a spy.  After her father's defeat she then attempts to fulfil her fathers greatest desire and crash the Moon into the Earth, and coincidently Legacy.

Matchstickman's picture

That's actually Baron Blade, he's got a beard and everything (and is my new Avatar!).

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A few answers!

1) We are looking into a way to make orders that just involve errata + promo cards a bit cheaper for international customers. If we are able, we will announce it here.

2) We will eventually have oversized versions of these promo villains, but that will have to wait until the next Oversized Villain Cards Update Pack.

3) Vengeance already comes with oversized villain cards in the box!

Thanks Paul. That's really awesome, it's really great that you're thinking about us :-)

Re : International Shipping.

That would be most appreciated, even to purchase a unity or ambuscade pack means $34 in shipping to Australia. USPS Small flat rate cartons are alot less than that and could probably fit 10+ packs :)

So does that mean that shipping won't be changed if we want to just buy the errata'd cards in the US? Currently, for me, it's $14.. =(

WalkingTarget's picture

The product descriptions here said the errata could be gotten for the price of a "padded USPS First Class envelope", but there is no similar option on the actual order page - the "Economy Mail Flat Rate (Less than 1 lb)" being the only non-FedEx option and that still sounds more substantial that just a padded envelope to me (granted, I don't mail a lot of stuff). I'd just like some clarification on that before ordering.

Will you guys take PayPal payments?

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I hope Mr. Chomps enjoyed his easy day, I have a feeling today is a little more hectic around the warehouse.

Will the four errata cards be included in the Vengeance for Kickstarter backers?

Paul's picture

1) "Economy Mail Flat Rate (Less than 1 lb)" is the cheapest domestic US shipping available.

2) We do not take PayPal payments on the web store.

3) The errata'd cards will not be included with Vengeance for Kickstarter backers.

I still love you guys, but I really wish you would implement regular old first class mail shipping.  Most other businesses (even the small ones) don't depend on Fedex as much as you guys do, and consequently their shipping rates are much lower.  The errata cards and promos could be shipped out for like $2 in an envelope via first class mail, and that's including the price of buying the envelope.

Is the Rook City reprint an exact reprint, or are there any corrections to errors such as the "Checmical Explosion"?

My friend and I preordered Vengence together to save on shipping.  Now we would both like to order the errata pack and add those to the same order.  We are hoping that this will get us each a set of promos even though its is all just one order.  Will this work?  Do we need to do something extra to make sure we get two sets and not just one?  We could provide the order number if necessary.

Thanks for your response and for making a great game!

pyrofrog's picture

Is there a way to combine orders? I have three friends who, like me, have have pretty much everything currently available for the game. I know they'll need the errata cards and promos. Is there a way to combine our orders so that we only have to pay shipping once?

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Does Christopher know he is reading that comic upside down?

Christopher's picture

I am?! 


WHO KNEW?!'s picture

Do I need to add the promos or will they be automatically added? In my order summery it said nothing about the promos but I really want them.

Not to be pedantic, but there's an error on the corrected Tachyon card.

"At the start of your turn, Tachyon may deals herself 2 sonic damage."

Hopefully it's not to late to correct that?

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More Answers!

1) We ship small, light orders out via USPS. However, in the interest of cards arriving undamaged, we use padded envelopes and rigid cardboard liners, which brings the cost of shipping + packing materials up to the $5 range you see on the website for domestic USPS envelopes.

2) Unfortunately, we cannot combine errata pack or December promo card orders with Kickstarter orders or Vengeance pre-orders.

3) The promos are automatically added to your order, and will not show up in the order summary. Rest assured, however, that every single order placed before the end of the month will include the promos.

4) We are definitely aware of and grumpy about the error on Pushing the Limits. There is unfortunately nothing that can be done at this point, but when next we reprint Enhanced Edition, we'll print up some re-errata'd cards that we make available in the same way.

So if I just order the errata cards I'll also get the promos?

Could you post the original text for the errata'd cards so we can easily see how dire the corrections are?  Thanks for making them available!


EDIT: OK, I got over my laziness and looked this up myself.  The "correction" is essentially the same on all 4 cards.  For example, here is the relevant text on the original SOLAR FLARE:

"At the end of your turn, either RA deals himself 4 psychic damage or this card is destroyed."

vs the new wording:

"At the end of your turn, RA may deal himself 4 psychic damage.  If he takes no damage this way, this card is destroyed"

I suppose the new wording makes the intent clear with edge cases where Ra tries to deal psychic damage but that is somehow blocked.  Seems like an anti-rules lawyer measure.  I think I would have played it this way anyway.  Looks liek these "errata" are very non-critical and could have easily been handled by a clarification in the FAQ.  However, I see the reason for updating these cards in the new printing, and I appreciate >G making these available (because you know there are those who would raise a stink otherwise:))  For me though, this is a non-issue.


Another quick question.  If I order just the errata'd cards, shipping is $5.  If I order an expansion box, shipping is $5.  Order them together, and shipping is $13+!  Surely ordering these two together should just cost $5 to ship?


quiksterboy44's picture

Quick question, does the pack of errata card for $0.01 contain 1 copy of each card? I'm wondering if i'll need to purchase 3 orders of the Errata pack because of the fact that each of their respective decks contain more then 1 copy of the card. For instance, Tachyeon's deck contains Pushing the Limits x 3, Fanatic's deck contains Embolden x2 and Chastise x2 and Ra's deck contains Solar Flare x2.

And will they be back in stock before the end of the year?

jffdougan's picture

Don't know, but I'd like an answer, too. Will tweet/e-mail tomorrow & see what I can find out.

MarioFanaticXV's picture

I'm looking on the order page for the RC/IR box, but it says it's already out of print; according to this page, it should still be here for another day, give or take for time zone differences.

Hey all! I just got the Enhanced Edition for Christmas, along with all the expansions. Sadly, I have missed out on all the promo cards and the opportunity to pre-order Vengeance (which I'm sure will be great!).

Is there any chance you guys would consider printing up packs of the promo cards and allowing us to buy them? The only ones available (that I know of) are on ebay and people are price-gauging them to death. I'd love to have them, and even more so, I'd love to give you guys the money for them!

Thank you!


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They have stated that when SotM: The Card Game is done with all their expansions, that they plan on creating a pack of all the promos for an unlimited print run.

Great! Thank you! :D

I entirely missed being able to buy the empty boxes and a friend told me about it just this week.  Will those empty boxes ever go on sale again, or was that a "one-and-done" thing?

As for the rest of the game, wonderful work and one of my favorite purchases to date!