Sixth Reveal: Greazer

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Making things more complicated, I tweeted: "Another! The origins of which 3 villains have been directly related to the unknown cosmic entity who has been meddling with the Multiverse?"

After a brief barrage of questions, Christopher Olney came up with the correct answer, "omnitron progeny and infinitor" swiftly ammended with, "cosmic omnitron to be exact"

And now we get to meet someone new!


Greazer Clutch was your above-average star-hopping bounty hunter. Heck, he still is! Ain't no one better at trackin' down a target and bringin' em in, dead or alive! I mean, preferrably alive, right? Dead is messy and usually more work. But alive is easy. Just knock 'em out and toss the body in a cryo-tube for transit. No muss; no fuss. And stylish at that!

Bam! Anyway, you need a target tracked down, you talk to Greazer. If your target is somewhere in the range of the Pink Lady, Greazer will find them and bring them back to you. Mind you, this daddy-o is worth top dollar. But he is worth it, don't you doubt it.

Now, he's had some wacked out contacts lately, but their green is good! So, he's rounded up a posse and they're headed to that planet they call "Earth". What a name, am I right? Anyway, plenty o' high-price targets to be had there, and the getting is good. 

Greazer is here, and he's not leaving without his meal ticket. He's got all manner of heroes in his crosshairs, especially one in particular who is no stranger to space. But he's not too picky - all the heroes he can grab are going back to the stars for the sake of Greazer's pocket.



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So, a combo of Lobo and Danny Zukko hunting Captain Cosmic? Some combination.

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Hey I got one and it looks like he's going to be the nemesis to my favorite hero, Awesome!

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That's some pretty sweet art.  The look on Capt. Cosmic's face as he takes a tumble is priceless.

Does Greazer know that the Pink Lady is a variety of fruit on Earth?  :D

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Or pink lady was the nickname of a mix of lidocaine and almagel when I worked in a medical emergency.

I won't lie, my first thought is "Lobo?  Euurrrgh."

Oh well, at least he's a villan so we can have fun punching his face in. :)

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I gotta admit, I like this villain. Mostly cause I judge my villains based on how likely they are to pick up a guitar and start playing Johnny B. Goode.

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He's a greazy guy... in SPACE!