Sentinel Tactics Update: Some fun new art!

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Hey, folks. Christopher is out of town, enjoying warm equatorial breezes while we shiver in the cold of the Midwest, so this update doesn't have much story to it. I just figured you might want to salivate over some amazing art of a familiar team joining Sentinel Tactics: Battle for Broken City. Without furter ado, I give you... Dark Watch!


They're pretty special, eh? Stay tuned for more later!


until saturday when its going to be 70 in the midwest

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Setback is going to be so much fun in Tactics.  "The dice do what *I* want!"  *rolls*  "...crap..."  *rerolls*  "Dammit!"  *rerolls again*  "oh, bloody Hell..."

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They're all looking good!  That said, this isn't quite the same "familiar team" as before.  I wonder what brought the Matriarch into the fold...

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Maybe she's a huge Star Trek original series fan and couldn't resist the outfit?

so is that matriarch on left or did nightmist just get a costum chanch.

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Expatriette is on the left...

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That is most definitely Lillian Corvus.

Looks like someone has worked through her issues about her step-sister.

Wait, does this mean Nightmist isn't in this iteration of Dark Watch? I just lost all interest in this set.

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I would suggest you read the latest update from Christopher about the Dark Watch group before making your final decision. Pinion (formerly the Matriarch) replaces the magic skill set that Nightmist had.