Sentinel Tactics tournaments in your own store

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We are excited to offer a new opportunity to play in some local Sentinel Tactics tournaments. In the months of June and July this year, we would like to support your local store in running a Sentinel Tactics tournament. We’re going to be running the Sentinel Tactics World Championship at Gen Con this year, and we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get people excited. You can go and play locally, do the tournament at Gen Con, then come back with even more excitement after it’s over.

Sentinel Tactics is a team-based competitive tactical game of comic book combat. It is set in the Sentinel Comics universe, first established in our cooperative Sentinels of the Multiverse card game. Tournaments are run typically in a 3 vs. 3 skirmish. If you’d like to see the way we have run tournaments in the past, you can see the recordings on our YouTube channel.

To help the tournaments out, we would like to send your store an organized play kit, containing tournament rules, brackets, flyers (or full posters, depending on their preference), eight sets of Sentinel Tactics promo cards, and eight painted miniatures as prize support. If they need it, we can even provide a demo copy.

If you know a store that would like to take part in this promotion and run their own tournament, all you need to do is have them let me know! If your store sends an email containing the date and time of the tournament, the name and address of the store, and the format they would be running (e.g. double elimination, round robin, etc.), I’ll be able to get the supplies out to them. We will also list all the upcoming tournaments on our website so that the tournament can get even more exposure.

If you have a store that is interested, please have them contact me with the above information by Friday, June 5, 2015. I will be sending out the materials within a day or two after returning from Origins the following week. If they plan on running the tournament close to that time, please have them let me know so that I can send out the materials earlier.


I'll have to see if my local Uncle's would be up for it, and have them contact you.