Sentinel Tactics tournaments, happening here in St. Louis and everywhere!

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There is so much Sentinel Tactics tournament action happening that I can barely contain my excitement.

First off, we have a tournament coming up here in St. Louis this very weekend! I've talked about this before, but I wanted to remind everyone that it's coming up soon. This Saturday, June 13th, at Game Nite. Don't forget to pre-register here!

We also have a list of all the stores worldwide (yes, worldwide!) that have told us they want to run a Sentinel Tactics tournament in the lead-up to Gen Con 2015. Check and see if there's a location near you! If not, don't worry; we'll no doubt be doing more events like this in the future. That's plenty of time to build up the buzz and convince your store they want to do this themselves!

As a final note, we get a few questions still about how the teams are drafted in the tournament we run, so I wanted to mention that just briefly. Before every game, a coin is flipped. The winner of the coin toss will decide whether to take the first ban and the choice of placement, or the first pick and first turn. The team who takes the first ban will choose a character that may not be played in that match, followed by the opposing team also banning a character. After that, characters are drafted, alternating between teams. From then on, it is straightforward. I hope this answers those questions in advance!