Sentinel Comics Preorder Update!

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Hey, folks! Christopher here. Just wanted to share some of what's been going on behind the scenes recently.

We've been hard at work on all things Sentinels for the vast majority of this year! Adam has been doing art for Villains of the Multiverse, wave 2 of Sentinel Tactics stuff, and the Sentinels of the Multiverse video game. Jenn has been using her graphic design expertise to make our logos and boxes and packaging and layout and EVERYTHING look better than every before. Seriously. Jenn is the best. I have been writing story and dialogue and flavor text and also doing design work for all of the above listed products, as well as working with the talented team at Critical-Hits on the Sentinel Comics RPG. 

Most recently, we finished EVERYTHING for Villains of the Multiverse!

New Villains of the Multiverse Box

Villains of the Multiverse, the mini-expansions, oversized villain card pack, and promo cards are currently at the printer, and they are working hard to get them all to us ASAP. 

Speaking of the oversized villain card pack, I'm REALLY pleased with how the new cards turned out! Jenn did a bunch of minor tweaks to make them even better than before, and Adam did all new art for ALL of them! You can get an idea for how great they are by checking out the back of the packaging:

Oversized Villain Card Packaging Back

Don't they look awesome? Very pleased, indeed.

With all that fully in the hands of the printer, we've turned our design and creation focus to Sentinel Tactics. Lots going on with those products, and Adam and I have been delving deep in the Tactics mines for the last week or so. We're very proud of what we have to offer with Battle for Broken City and For Profit, and materials for both of those will be going to the official GTG playtesters (shout out to the best playtesting team in the industry!) this week.

Also, tangentially related to what we're doing here at the GTG headquarters, the Sentinels of the Multiverse video game multiplayer beta is underway on Steam and going very well! I've played a few games recently with various folks from the community and had a blast every time. So, if you're into saving the Multiverse not just on a table but also on a computer, you should definitely check that out.

Alrighty, folks! I'm off to continue my Sentinel Tactics design quest! Talk to you all again soon!


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I like how the oversized cards are different. They feel a lot more "special," and not just a blown up image of its regular sized counterpart. The fresh look gives us a new reason to choose one over the other, be it convenience or shiny new art.

Very excited!

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Wow I love how much more of the Villains you can see with those oversized villain cards. Adam has some awesome art work and its awesome that we can see more of it on these Oversized cards ^_^.

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With that image of the Oversized Villain Cards it seems like they'll be an awesome addition.   I'm really curious how this promo Infinitor plays out.    It seems like a really cool mechanic.  


Thanks for some of the information, but is there any idea, that some time this month, or next month that it will be at my front door.



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The original goal was end of 2015, I think it is still on that time frame.

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Promo Infinitor!

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Kismet is also has a new promo based on looking at that HP value.  

I hope so. Kismet is so dull to play agAinist. Blow up her talisman each round and she does nothing

I hope those oversized cards come back into stock :O

I'd like to order those along with the Villians expansion together.


Y'all have outdone yourselves again! I salivate with anticipation. Anyone know what those promos difficulties are?