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OblivAeon has been defeated for eight years. Powerful cosmic entities known as Prime Aspects contend to fill the power vacuum left in OblivAeon’s wake. They now seek champions to fight for their ideals. Their collective eyes fall upon the dying Mist Storm Universe and the heroes and villains within. The Prime War has now begun!

For the past year, Greater Than Games, in conjunction with Lore Forge Games, has been developing a tactical combat game known as Prime War with the aim of providing players with engaging competitive and cooperative tactical scenarios in a comic book setting. The team at Lore Forge Games has been working tirelessly on crafting an experience worthy of the Sentinel Comics brand: one that tells the tales of these characters we all love but in new battlefields that lends themselves to spectacle and wonder. They were granted this task because of their enthusiasm for the heroes and villains of Sentinel Comics, their expertise in the mechanics and strategies of our previous tactical combat game, Sentinel Tactics, as well as their previous work on similar games as playtesters and developers. We think they have been excellent stewards of the Prime War story and are certain that you will enjoy what we have produced together!

How it plays

Players may choose to play Prime War as a team, combining their wits and talents, either against the game itself or pitting themselves against other players in a head to head combat engagement; or, as individuals, controlling their own squad of characters against their enemies in a bid for domination and bragging rights. Cooperative play features adversaries from across the Sentinel Comics multiverse, within story-based scenarios or mixed and matched to create a unique experience. Head-to-head play can similarly be enjoyed through a series of scenarios that puts the players in the story of the Prime War event - and the Disparation issues that follow it - or through a series of customized matches, built from variable objectives, victory conditions, and environmental features.

Characters engage in combat through the use of custom dice of three different sizes (d4s, d8s, and d12s) that determine the success of an attack and how much damage it does. Each successful attack pushes the skirmish and its participants harder, over time granting each character power that they can store up and use at opportune moments by performing unique abilities that place them in the spotlight of the story for a brief moment and hopefully influence the tide of battle in their favor.

Prime War is a game of tactical combat, played over a number of rounds. At the start of each round, all characters secretly choose one action they wish to take, and when all characters have chosen, all actions are revealed. Actions are then executed from fastest to slowest, with ties broken between teams with the use of a tie break token. Once all actions have been completed, all cards from that round are placed in a Meanwhile area that represents how long a character must wait before they are able to use that action again, and then the round is over.

Where does Prime War fit in overall Sentinel Comics Story?

The OblivAeon event splits the canon of the Sentinels Universe into two major branches: the Sentinel Comics Universe, explored throughout Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game, and the Mist Storm Universe, as portrayed in Sentinel Tactics. Prime War introduces us to a cosmic event that takes place during the end of the Mist Storm Universe and the fallout thereafter. Powerful beings known as Prime Aspects, seeking to fill the cosmic power vacuum left by OblivAeon’s destruction, begin to posture for the rulership of a newly formed place of power: Ur-Space. To prevent further destruction to the cosmos, the Prime Aspects select mortals to do the majority of the fighting. As beings of extreme power, these Aspects pull champions from across multiple realities to aid in their fight over Ur-Space. As the Mist Storm Universe is well known to several of the Prime Aspects, they agree to pull champions from that reality first. Prime War begins as that reality’s Prime Wardens and some of their greatest allies and foes are saved from a dying Mist Storm Universe.

What products will be associated with Prime War?

The first wave of Prime War products begins with the Prime War:Totality core box that features eleven characters - including the Prime Wardens, villains Blood Countess and Apostate, as well as notable characters Parse, K.N.Y.F.E. and Writhe -, each with their own character board, unique miniature, and set of seven power cards; four double-sided map boards that can be combined or used individually to form the battlefield for each match; three sets of custom dice: four-sided dice, eight-sided dice, and twelve-sided dice; several environmental cards that can be used to modify matches by giving alternate objectives and points of contention; an assortment of scenario booklets that detail how to setup and play through the various story-based matches of Prime War; a map booklet that contains all of the maps used in scenario play; adversary and boss boards and cards for use in cooperative play; all of the tokens one could ever want; and a tracker to show the progress of the match. The targeted MSRP for Prime War: Totality is $79.95.

This first wave also contains Prime War: Progress and Conquest, an expansion that adds 5 characters from across the various Disparation realities within the Sentinel Comics multiverse, new scenarios for both cooperative and head-to-head play, environmental feature tokens to further modify the battlefield, additional environmental objectives, as well as new adversaries and bosses to test players wits and cooperation. The targeted MSRP for Prime War: Progress and Conquest is $29.95.

After the release of this first wave of Prime War, characters and stories will be released regularly as more and more powered individuals join the ranks of the combatants fighting in the Prime War.

Where can I learn more about the gameplay of Prime War?

Prime War will be available to preview at Gen Con and PAX Unplugged! If you would like to play Prime War at Gen Con, or see it in action, stop by our demo room, #140 in the Indianapolis Convention Center, right across from the main expo hall. We will have a table in that room dedicated to Prime War throughout the entire show, and will be running free demos on a first come, first served basis as frequently as we are able. We will also show off Prime War gameplay through livestreams and other videos this fall for everyone who is unable to make it to either show as well as those who would like to see the system in action.

What is the release date for Prime War?

Given our the history of delays and false starts with Prime War, we are unable to honestly guarantee a specific release date. However, given the speed at which development has been happening the last few months, it seems very likely that Prime War will be released some time in the next 12-18 months. We are not planning a Kickstarter campaign for this product, which speeds up the timeline quite a bit. In addition, we are starting an intensive playtesting campaign for Prime War in August, as soon as the intensive playtesting cycle for Sentinels of Earth-Prime is completed. Once that gets underway, we should have a clearer idea of the targeted release date.

How is Prime War related to Sentinel Tactics?

Prime War is not Sentinel Tactics, and the two products are only related in that both are hex-based tactical combat games set in Sentinel Comics, but the mechanics and gameplay have been designed from scratch.

What if I own Sentinel Tactics and want to play Prime War with those characters?

We are developing Prime War versions of all of the characters from Sentinel Tactics: Flame of Freedom and Uprising. We will release a Prime War set of cards and panels for all of the Sentinel Tactics characters as part of the first wave of Prime War releases. These sets will be priced as competitively as possible, and will not include miniatures or be available outside of our convention booth or web store (unlike the rest of the Prime War products). We believe that we can get the price of that upgrade kit down to $9.95 if we only sell it direct.

The poster maps for Wagner Mars Base, Freedom Tower, The Citadel of the Sun, and the Mobile Defense Platform - which were originally released for Sentinel Tactics - all have scenarios that use the Prime War system currently under development. These scenarios will be made available for free with the release of Prime War.

What if I pre-ordered Sentinel Tactics: Battle for Broken City?

If you pre-ordered Sentinel Tactics: Battle for Broken City, you will have two choices. If Prime War does not sound like it is for you, send an email to and we will issue you a full refund of your Sentinel Tactics preorder. If Prime War sounds like fun and you have enough patience remaining to stick out the rest of the development process, you will receive the following:

  • IF you preordered Battle for Broken City AND For Profit AND unpainted miniatures (preorder cost $89.85),

THEN you will get Prime War: Totality AND Prime War: Progress and Conquest AND the Flame of Freedom/Uprising Upgrade Kit (MSRP $119.85)

  • IF you preordered Battle for Broken City AND For Profit (preorder cost $59.90),

THEN you will get Prime War: Totality (without miniatures) AND Prime War: Progress and Conquest (without miniatures) AND the Flame of Freedom/Uprising Upgrade Kit (MSRP $64.90). The “without miniatures” versions will only be available in limited quantities from our web store after the preorder is fulfilled.

  • IF you preordered *just* Battle for Broken City (preorder cost $39.95),

THEN you will get Prime War: Totality (without miniatures) AND the Flame of Freedom/Uprising Upgrade Kit (MSRP $49.92). The “without miniatures” versions will only be available in limited quantities from our web store after the preorder is fulfilled.

  • IF you preordered Battle for Broken City AND For Profit AND painted miniatures (preorder cost $149.85),

THEN you will get Prime War: Totality AND Prime War: Progress and Conquest AND the Flame of Freedom/Uprising Upgrade Kit (MSRP $119.85) and EITHER a $60 refund OR, if we can pull it off (and we are currently working on it!), a special, non-retail version of Prime War with pre-painted miniatures.

If you preordered any other set of products, we’ll work out the translation on a per-person basis. If, after learning about our plans, you now want a refund, we will issue one immediately! If, on the other hand, you want to “upgrade” your preorder (for example, from a “without miniatures” order to a “with miniatures” order), you can totally do that, but don’t give us more money just yet! Once Prime War is actually in production with a firm release date, we’ll post another update with information about preorders and a notice to update your address if you are still in. You can request a refund any time between now and then.

If you did *not* participate in the preorder and some of these items sounds intriguing to you, stay tuned! We will likely allow people to order “without miniatures” or “painted miniatures” versions from our web store, but not at the same discount we are giving to Broken City preorders.

In Totality

Thank you for bearing with us throughout this process. It’s been entirely too long for all of us, but we’re very proud of what we and Lore Forge Games have come up with - Prime War is going to be an awesome experience and a great set of products. We can’t wait to play Prime War with all of you! Look forward to more information, previews, and demos of the Prime War content in the coming months, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.



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This looks interesting, though I almost wish it had been on the Gencon docket sooner so I could have scheduled in time for it.

Still, between the RPG and Homebrewers I think I'm in your guys area all of Thursday that week, so I should be able to find time to squeeze in some Prime War action to put some mechanics and visuals to the descriptions.


Hope this ends up as awesome as it sounds

Great update GTG! I have one question, if i want to keep my preorder but I need to change the address associated with it, how can we go about that process?

Any idea how much the upgrade packs will cost?

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This sounds great! I'm pretty sure I ordered both sets with painted minis; I would prefer the minis over the refund, if at all possible.