Oversized Cards and Promos and Panels!

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We've had many questions about some of the peripheral elements of this preorder campaign, so I'm here to talk about a bunch of them. 

First off, the Oversized Villain Cards pack. It will contain 31 Villain Character cards, which is one for every villain that doesn't come with their own oversized character cards (such as the villains from Vengeance and Villains of the Multiverse). This will include oversized cards for promos, including a couple promos completely new to this pack, as well as the correct keywords for Citizen Dawn, Omnitron(s), and Grand Warlord Voss. Also, three oversized villain cards will contain errata'd text: The Matriarch, The Dreamer, and La Capitan. For those of you keeping track of the math at home, this means that there will be ten oversized character cards which have never been available as oversized cards before! And ALL of the oversized cards will be spruced up graphically by Jenn, our Graphic Designer, as she's far better at laying things out will than we are.

Next, we have the promo cards for Sentinels of the Multiverse. These come with every preordered copy of Villains of the Multiverse. There will be one for each of the following characters: The Scholar, Dr. Medico, Writhe, Mainstay, The Idealist, The Naturalist, and Chrono-Ranger. Each of them have a lot of story that brought them from their original card game appearance to these promos, and those stories will be told between now and when the promos are shipped out to all of the backers. For now, look at these heroes in all of their promo glory!

And they're not the only promos!

Last, but certainly not least, promo cards and panels for Sentinel Tactics! Every copy of Sentinels Tactics: The Battle for Broken City will comes with an additional power card for every character in both the Battle for Broken City core game and the For Profit expansion. Additionally, every copy of Sentinel Tactics: For Profit will include two promo character panels. There will be more information on the villain team known as For Profit in tomorrow's story update, and in that update, you will learn the identity of all the members of that team! Two of those villains are already published Sentinel Tactics characters and will get alternate "For Profit" character cards that tie their stories together with those of their nefarious compatriots.

Stay tuned for more information on these characters and many others! And keep on saving the Multiverse!


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If I get any more excited about the stuff in this preorder campaign, my wife will probably take it upon herself to sedate me.

So much awesome!

The Sentinels are in my top 5 heroes, and now they're getting promos!  They're so dynamic and fun to play, but I wonder if their new powers will help counter their main weakness: area-effect damage (they hate Citizen Dawn and her cronies with a passion).

Question: Will the promos for The Sentinels be mix-and-match with their main character cards, or is it one set or the other?  For instance, could I play original Dr. Medico, promo Idealist, promo Mainstay, and original Writhe?  Or does it have to be all promos or all originals, with no mixing?

Can't wait to see the details on the alternate Tactics character panels!  If that game gets any more awesome, I'm going to have to wrap the box in caution tape...

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Official rules for things like this, as far as I've seen, is: "it's your game, play it however you want."

It's the same setup card, it looks like, so it would appear that as long as you have one of each, it shouldn't matter.

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Or does the Idealist look much older?

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I should hope so, in Sentinels timeline it has been 5-10 years.  Even Robin eventually had to become Nightwing. I see this as a good thing, as it might make room for a lot more younger and newer heroes as well as showing how all the characters have grown (both power wise and timeline wise!)

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No, that's in Tactics. This image of The Idealist isn't from Tactics, it's from Sentinels proper.

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D'oh! After rereading the info above this morning I realized my error !  my bad.

I did notice that...all four of The Sentinels are now color schemed in a green and yellow color scheme.  While it also may be a stretch the Idealist and Mainstay both have what looks like a styalized 4 (or possibly a styalized S or 5) on their costume. Which makes me think they've now gone the route of some of the other hero teams and have come up with a uniform color scheme that shows they are a team instead of a bunch of cobbled together individuals. So it could be possible that it has been a few years in the Sentinels Universe.

What's also interesting is that the Naturalist is in similar colors.

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Maybe she's become The Jaded.

almost $12 to ship to NC seems a bit ridiculous.

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If you can get anyone in your area to do a joint order with you, try and do such; shipping costs drop drastically. My family is ordering a total of fourteen copies between us, and we're paying less than 3 USD of shipping per copy.

kirk schulz your comment seems laughable - because of GTG's choice of shipper the international shipping cost even for a $29.95 expansions is $67...  That's really f'd up and why international orders from this site will be extremely low.  They really need to plugin into UPS or USPS to get decent international shipping rates because this isn't acceptable.

This is great news. I decided a couple weeks ago to simply trust gtg and placed my preorder. I'm glad I did. This is an exciting package of sentinels goodies!

As a note, if this was posted when the preorder campaign started, it would have prevented a LOT of confusion.

I'm looking forward to Villains and the massive oversized update.

Will this be the last oversized pack ever until the end of the SotM card game?

I don't want a situation where a new oversized pack would be released containing all the cards all over again for another X dollars.

The answer here is critical to me deciding whether to buy this oversized pack or not.


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This pack will include oversized cards for all villains with the smaller, two-card setup that have been and will be released.

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Will this release or be ready at the same time as VotM?   If so, any chance I could modify my preorder to add the oversized villain cards?

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I'd send a PM to Craig, or use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page.  That worked for me.

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So what is still not clear is if I need to buy this pack for myself.  I have everything up to date through Wrath of the Cosmos.  What I do not have is the overseized Villains for Wrath of the Cosmos, nor the latest Errata for Matriach, Dreamer, and La Capitan.  Will these be coming to me automatically because I pre-ordered WotC?  Or will they be included in Villains of the Multiverse?

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You'll have to order the new pack to get the Wrath villain oversized cards and the ones with errata text.   It's been discussed on the forums about that.  

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I thought the Wrath ones came with the pre-orders - they were just delayed and to be sent out separately.  Why should I have to keep buying full packs of Oversized cards when I only need the new ones and the corrected ones?

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Here is the last post from Craig on it in response to another person who thought the same https://greaterthangames.com/comment/97752#comment-97752 

All the cards have been redone to some degree, it contains errata text, the villains missing from before, and there was never any update from GtG that they were sending out Oversized Cards with Wrath preorders.  You might email or PM Craig about it to see if anything can be done.  

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I believe the issue is they gave an update saying our WotC was delayed because the Oversized Villain cards were sent separately.  Still bothers me that this is now the 3rd time I will have to buy a complete set if I want to be complete.  There should still be options to purchase just what is new (besides minor lart changes).  And they really need to make the new oversized villains a stretch goal along with everytyhing else (understaning that Villains comes with the oversized by nature of the game mechanic).

I have emailed and it has gone unanswered.

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To whom did you send an email? I don't have anything in my inbox, archives (I never delete anything), or spam folders from your address.

If you want to purchase just what is new, we will have individual replacement cards available for purchase at some point in the future, after the general release, like we do for the rest of our cards. But, as is usually the case in situations where you are picking things up a la cart, it will likely be cheaper to order the pack.

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The shipping delay was listed in this update https://greaterthangames.com/content/the-villain-infinitor-causes-shippi... it makes no mention of Oversized villain cards and I don't see any preorder news for Wrath that ever mention Oversized villain cards. 

I can understand the frustration of possibly buying a new pack but it's not an item that was promised with Wrath. 

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I don't know.  That was my understanding of the email but I was also bombarded with daily emails of everyone's end-of-year delays from just about every kickstarter.  Whatever the case, it has caused plenty of confusion.

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Hopefully there is a bigger post from GtG about it.  There are quite a few people who bought the set earlier who are confused about what is going on with Oversized villain cards.   

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What would you like to see from a bigger post that hasn't already been answered?

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I can't speak to all of it as I never bought the oversized cards previously but I'll try.   There seems to be some confusion from those who bought oversized villain cards.   It seems that there is an impression that they would receive new oversized villain cards with the Wrath Preorder for the new villains introduced with that set.   At worst, it seems they want to know if they can get a pack with just the missing villains so that they don't have to purchase everything again and have duplicates.   There may be more but that is my understanding.  

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I feel like we've been pretty clear on a few occasions about those questions, so I'm not sure that another post would really help. I could be wrong, though.

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Could you read through and post on this BGG thread for the current preorder?   As this seems to be the place where it started starting with particular post https://boardgamegeek.com/article/18100377#18100377

Hopefully that settles it.   I would agree that it is clear to me.  To be honest I stopped posting in the thread after a few attempts to understand why they assumed they would get those cards. 

Out of curiosity, will the oversized packs only be available through >G?  And when you say "[t]his will include oversized cards for promos, including a couple promos completely new to this pack", are these separate promos from the promos already available like, say, another form of Omnitron ("Steampunk") or an "I am Groot" varient of Akash'bhuta?


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At present, there are 23 villain decks, so that's 23 of the 31 cards accounted for.

Add to that the Operative from the chairman's deck to get 24.

Then the four exisiting promo villains (Bomber Blade, Cosmictron, Vessel Spite and Skinwalker GloomWeaver) brings us up to 28.

Then the mini villain expansion coming out with VotM adds one more known villain for 29.

This leaves two oversized cards unaccoutned for and they would, logically, need to be for exiting characters as putative future villains probably aren't far enough through testing (not having been playtested by the online platesters). Thus, I'm confident that they are two brand new promo variants of exisitng villains. Who is very much yet to be determined.

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Forgot about the Operative (I don't play too often against the Chairman. He's scary... frown).


I'm super excited to find out what those 2 extra oversized cards are...!


Edit: Actually, I'm also excited to know who the new villain deck will be!

Is this the only way and time to order the oversized pack? Will it ever be sold through retailers? I know Coolstuffinc carries the token pack for instance. Will retailers also have a chance to carry the oversized pack product?

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I've seen retailers carry the old Oversized pack, so they will probably also get this pack as well.

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...But I'm curious. How in the world is the Enead oersized card going to work. Because It seems excessive to have 9 cards for them when their effects are pretty minimalistic. So, how will that work?

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The only oversized Ennead card is the one with their setup, gameplay, and advanced-mode information on it.  You still use the regular-sized cards that came with their deck for each of the individual members of the Ennead.