Over 1500! A new hero(?)

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Greetings, Preorderers of the Cosmos!

On Friday, we passed the 1500 mark! Impressive! However, that was around the same time that a cargo container full of Sentinel Tactics arrived at our warehouse, and we've been busy packing boxes since then! All of those boxes shipped out today, and now we're on our way to Gen Con! BUT FIRST! Since you've waited so patiently, here is the hero you've been waiting for. Maybe. 


Joseph King was a tabloid photographer billionaire recording artist and underwear model who made a meager living selling pictures of celebrities to the Megalopolis Examiner everyone adored. One day, while walking to the gas station to buy a lottery ticket working with his favorite charity "Toupees for Bald Eagles", Joe heard a shout. He looked up in time to see the underside of a piano growing closer at an alarming rate a radical fighter jet sky-writing his name. "This is going to hurt..." was the last thing Joe thought.
Unbeknownst to either Joe or the people moving the piano, the hero team known as the Freedom Five and the cosmic entity known as the Wager Master had recently fought on the very sidewalk Joe was now splattered across. Joe's organic matter was now mixed with particles of improbability, which bonded and reformed into BLAH BLAH BLAH, could this be any more boring?! Just think of a badass training montage and put me in there.

I am awesome at karate

Hey there, faithful reader! Yeah, you. The one reading this right now. I'm Guise, and I'm talking to you. What's so hard to understand about this?
Anyway, now that you know my totally sweet backstory, let's talk about what we're going to do. We're going to fight EEEEEEEVIL!

Guise is your favorite hero

You get your friends together, and you pick your heroes, and and BE SURE TO PICK ME! I can't help if I don't get cards on the table. But, and you can trust me on this one, I am awesome. I mean, check out what I did to this guy:

I win at everything

Yeah, that sure slowed him down. Heh, these villains aren't going to know what hit them. That is, as long as you do YOUR part and PLAY MY CARDS! I mean, how could you not?

I am the best

I'm the best.



More liek a cross between Deadpool and Booster Gold.

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And he breaks the fourth wall sweet.  

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so what are his power you think

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if i had to guess, his power is probably "being awesome"

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I'd guess it's the classic "reality control" which is used for most of these kinds of screwball "can do anything the writer damn well says he can" characters tend to have (Jaimie Braddock is the example I'm most familiar with...very few of them take the setting they supposedly grew up in seriously, or behave like well-adjusted people with actual lives).  I can't even begin to guess how he'll work mechanically, but I'll go so far as to speculate that the damage he deals is probably mostly melee - while he may have a lot in common with Deadpool, he really doesn't strike me as the type to shoot people everywhere he goes.

He may look and talk like Deadpool, but his pictures here make me think of Freakazoid or The Mask (more Jim Carrey than Big Head.)  Personally, I think that his power is that he is essentially a living cartoon; note that he got his powers from being squished by a falling piano.  In other words, while you could describe his powers as reality manipulation, it would be largely limited to himself: minor shapeshifting, cartoonish indestructability, and possibly hammerspace.  And he's a cartoon superhero, so some degree of superstrength and speed is almost guaranteed.  He might be able to pull off complex shenannigans like Wile E. Coyote/Roadrunner's painted tunnel trick as well.

I think you're right about the melee damage thing, too; like I said, more Jim Carrey than Big Head.  Although it's also possible, given the name Guise, that he can shapeshift to mimic the powers of others somehow, allowing for a variety of damage types.  I guess we won't know for sure until December.

Judging from the fact that he can morph his body to look like other heroes, I kind of suspect his schtick is power duplication.  A deck full of powers he borrows from other heroes, but they only work for a short time each.  Maybe he'll have lots of self-destructing ongoings (like gaining Legacy's damage reduction for 1 round) or just tons of one-shots.

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I love the autograph.

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So we were right, we are all Guise and Guise can be any one of us.

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I am kicking myself for not seeing their "Deadpool" coming. Fantastic job on the intro and good choice making this the last pre-order reveal.

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I've been wanting to talk about him for a LONG time. Guise is one if my favorite characters! So funny. And awesome.

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I just noticed his name is Joe King.

Did not see the Multiverse Deadpool coming at all. Awesome character to riff off of. Extra excited now. Will there be more "strech goals" though?

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Later stretch goals were removed, all further bonus money will be donated to charity.

And the next time you roll up in the club and see some Bald Eagle rocking a Pompadour you can be proud to have played a part in creating that wicked awesome moment.

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The ever chaning logo is a very subtle touch.

Great work Adam.

Also, the backstory makes him a better zany schizoid subjective reality character than deadpool, in my humble opinion. All around solid design Christopher.


Best. Hero. Ever

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I love this new crazy hero. And the titles he gave his pictures

I really hope to see some liefeld era parody drawings in this.

My whole family is already fighting over him. Can you just make a set of four different versions of him?

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I just let out an unsanctioned *squeal*


First a Mr. Myx/Q type who if you put a bowtie on would make a mean Arcade trope (which in the Multiverse would be 'Tabletop' and would have a villianous Wheaton beard) 

And now...a card sleeve breaker ;)


'To Some Kid' = Glorious - I vote Art Print! :) 

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Guise looks cool. Ability to copy other heroes and maybe some probability altering based on his [redacted] backstory? Sign me up! Love the characterization too. Super excited Tactics is shipping too.

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I wonder if those are actually the card names....

Greater Than Games has once again lived up to the name.  Now gimme.

To everyone saying he's the Multiverse Deadpool, they're wrong (at least partially).

He's the Multiverse Morph.


Guise means the external form or shape, usually to hide something. As in "disguise." In the images we can see him changing physical shape to duplicate other heroes.

Morph is often a comic relief character, much like Deadpool (although Morph is also tragic in a lot of ways).