Over 1000 copies preordered! Introducing: Wager Master!

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Sentinels fans are the best fans! We have been blown away by your reactions to our preorder campaign. Over a thousand copies of the Wrath of the Cosmos expansion preordered in under a day and a half?! That's ridiculous. So is this villain.


Before time was time, before space was space, there was the wager. The wager that nothing would happen.

That wager was lost. And from that loss came the Wager Master.

As reality formed and matter came into being, all of the losing wagers - all of the impossible possibilities - also formed into being. Into a specific being: the Wager Master.

Wager Master

The Wager Master appears however it wants. It commonly goes for centuries without showing up anywhere in the Multiverse. But when it does show up, it’s a safe bet that things will go wrong. The Wager Master thrives on playing with the rules of reality. It appears to a race of sentient beings, plays games with whatever champions they might have, and ultimately destroys everything it encounters as they inevitably lose the Wager Master’s games. Those who lose to the Wager Master become mere playing pieces for more twisted games.

The Water Master's Twisted Games

Now, unfortunately, the capricious Wager Master has appeared on earth. Too many things have gone wrong. Too many coincidences and too many confluences point to the truth: we are all pawns in the cruel game of an entity as old as the Multiverse. What chance do the Sentinels of that Multiverse have?

A Wager: Lost


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Who will his Nemesis be?

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If Setback didn't already have a Nemesis, I'd think he'd be perfect. Hmm...the characters who don't have a Nemesis are Captain Cosmic, Skyscraper, Guise, The Naturalist, The Scholar and K.N.Y.F.E.

Out of all of them, and bearing in mind I know little about Skyscraper, Guise or indeed Captain Cosmic, I prefer Captain Cosmic and The Naturalist, but I suspect it's neither and it's a character we haven't seen yet.

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Actually, now that I think about it further, Absolute Zero is who I would bet on.

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Are you prepared to... WAGER?

Hey i don't have Captain Cosmic or Skysraper and i can't find them in the store, Were they limited promo characters or does anybody know where i could get them?

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They are heroes in the upcoming expansion, Wrath of the Cosmos. Pre-orders are going on right now.

I'll bet that his nemesis will be Setback.

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Would you bet against Wager Master?

Isn't Setback's nemesis Kismet?

And the way I read it, I'm hoping for a Scholar nemesis.  Both seem to have the odd omnipotent, altering reality/exsistance vibe going on.  I can't put my finger on it, but those two seem perfectly at odds from their descriptions.

Setback's nemesis is Kismet, FYI

Oh, right, totally forgot about that. What about The Scholar? Fits for a gamester, though I'd been expecting The Scholar's nemesis to have something to do with alchemy.

Except that in a way they do work. Wager Master is a living embodiement of the equal and opposite reaction the creation of the universe. With the scholar being a refrence to the scholar/alchemist's stone/The Dude, he embodies creation in its base priniciples (states of matter or whatever), where as this guy is like sentient dark matter.

We've seen characters with multiple nemesis already. Tachyon (Friction and Matriarch) and Wraith (Ermine and Spite).

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Characters can have multiple nemeses but only Iron Legacy (which was really for the Freedom Six and fit thematically), and Vengeance (which was the gimmick of that expansion and were 2nd rate nemeses at that) have been duplicate nemesis symbols. It's possible for this villain but not likely, so I wouldn't WAGER on it.

Remember that Kismet is a fan created villain contest winner. So Im guessing Wager Master is Setback's original nemesis.

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there is a reasonably popular theory that Setback was originally a villain, and the arrival of Kismet became a brilliant opportunity for Setback to be a hero instead.

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I think I heard somewhere that Setback was one of the first characters that Adam/Christopher ever created. I can't remember which one of them it was though. I think he always was a hero, but fan creation of kismet was just a really good fit for him.

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Really cool! I can see him being voiced by Paul Reubens or something...

As usual, vamping on an existing comic trope... but as always, from a fresh angle.

I'm quite excited about the "games" aspect... can't wait to see the mechanics.

But nope just a similar name. And until I learn more no real connection to Mars Wagner Base. 


Yay new villian!

I would venture to say Setback will have Wager Master as his second nemesis. We have seen this before with Vengeance's release (i.e. Wraith's Ehrmein and Spite; Tachyon's Friction and Matriarch), if not earlier. Otherwise my second guess would be the nemesis has yet to be released.

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I suspect that his nemesis will be someone who isn't lucky so much as willing to cheat in the "games"

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So I'd say a pretty fair guess is that Guise is now the Wager Master's nemesis, ya? He did get crushed by a piano and has improbabality particles...apparently...

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Setback got his powers through Baron Blade's serum but they aren't each other's nemesis.   Parse got her powers when Cosmitron activated but they aren't each other's nemesis either.   While it's certainly possible, we will probably have to wait until the cards are in our hands to be for sure.  

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The name is terrible; I can only hope it was intentionally so, as an homage to thousands of other comic book characters named without so much as a moment's reflection about how groanworthy they would look five years later.  Not the route I would have gone; I'd have called him the Star Gambler or something, something that actually sounds cool.  This creative text makes it fairly transparent how hard they had to stretch the concept to make this name fit; I can't help but find the result painful.  Hopefully, the rest of him will be good, but I'll never be able to say the name without wincing.

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I'm guessing that Twisted Games (probably not including the "Water Master" part) and A Wager Lost are cards in the deck, with these illustrations.  Presumably the cutesy-looking little guy in the first picture is his normal verision, and after flipping he looks more like the last picture (possibly even being that picture, with "A Wager Lost" as his subtitle).

Really hoping a Mr. Mxyzptlk equivalent would be an homage to Magic's Unglued set, and have 4th-wall breaking abilities like forcing players to switch characters (change seats essentially) or like ongoing effects that prevent players from talking, etc.