Origins and archives

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We're about to head off to Origins 2015 in Columbus, OH! If you're there and want to find us, we'll be at the Dice Hate Me booth (#703). There will be all sorts of Dice Hate Me Games products there, and don't forget that a copy of Angry Dice is free with every purchase. I'll always have my set on me, if you want to throw down. We'll be demoing so many things! Bottom of the 9th, Deck Building: The Deck Building Game, Monster Truck Mayhem, Spirit Island, you name it. We plan on having a lot of fun, so come find us and make us play games.

If you're not at Origins, but you want to feel like we're in the room with you, I've uploaded the recording of our Monday live stream, wherein Christopher and Adam create a brand new Sentinel Tactics character, to YouTube. You can find the convenient playlist here. It turns out that more than eight hours of video needs to be split up a bit, so there are five videos there for your viewing pleasure.

We'll see you at Origins!


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I should be there Friday for a few hours.  Hopefully the boy can be patient with me trying to play Spirit Island or has even interest to join. 

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Though brief it was great to meet Christopher and you in person.  Too bad I couldn't stay longer to try demoing Spirit Island.   Thanks Christopher for at least taking time despite your hunger to at least do a break down of the components.   Looking forward to leaning more once you launch a kickstarter for it.  

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I'll be sure to swing by and say hi.  Jules and I will only be there for the weekend, as we're coming in Friday evening.  

Sunday's our dealer-hall day--we'll be sure to be there!