New products in the Greater Than Games web store!

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Happy New Year, everyone!

With a new year come new products in our web store!

First of all, the new set of Meta Games have landed. Yes, now you can get Time Management: The Time Management Game, Traitor Mechanic: The Traitor Mechanic Game, and Trick Taking: The Trick Taking Game. These are some really fun, quick games to add to your collection.

Next, we have some new Sentinels of the Multiverse promo cards you can get for just $.95 (plus shipping)! Now, these aren't strictly brand new, but it's the first time they've appeared in this form. They are the Infinitor and Kismet Villain variants that were previously only available in the Oversized Villain Card Pack, now in the smaller, two-card version.

To go along with these promos, we also have just added the new combined Shattered Timelines and Wrath of the Cosmos box for Sentinels of the Multiverse. Much like we did with the Rook City/Infernal Relics combined box, we put both of these expansions together in one place! And if you just need a copy of Shattered Timelines all by itself, we do still have a very limited supply left of that. Get them while they're still around!

Enjoy the rest of this year, everyone. There's a lot more coming!


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I'd like to get two sets of the promo cards and the box set.  Together it's $42. 

This is what it costs to ship to Canada based on your site.

-       Ground (1 package): $50.17

-       International Economy (1 package): $48.36

This is not cool.   I don't want to pay for a product where shipping is more than the product itself.




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Wow!   I don't like $5 within the US just to get the variant cards but the pricing you're getting is way beyond ridiculous for Canada.  

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I'd like the promo card too, but the shipping for those are $11.

I've contacted them by email (  a few days ago. I will probably contact Craig soon if I don't get a response.

But I found a place that ships the double expansion for a better price, and might just do two orders (cards from GTG and game from the other site). Hopefully we can get a better shipping cost


Even in the US its $5 to ship four cards?

I was excited they announced these were coming but that just isn't reasonable to me. I'll stick with the oversized cards I guess, though my preference is the small cards.

I just want the 4 promo cards in a plain envelope to Singapore, it would be great if that is possible. Currently, it is $11.00 for just 4 cards.

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How long will the small card villain promos be available? In particular, could I order them & get them shipped with my Oblivaeon stuff?