Meta Games II: The Meta Gamening

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Last year, we brought you two joke games that happened to be really fun games! Deck Building: The Deck Building Game and Unpub: The Unpublished Card Game ran on Kickstarter right around April 1st, and they really took off.

Well, we decided to do it again. Just recently, we announced the winners of our ______: The ______ Game contest, Trick Taking: The Trick Taking Game and Time Management: The Time Management Game and now you'll get a chance to play these winning entries for yourself. Not only that, you'll also be able to get a copy of the new game from Christopher Badell and Peter C. Hayward, Traitor Mechanic: The Traitor Mechanic Game!

We will be launching this campaign on Kickstarter this Friday, April 1st at 10 AM CDT. It's only going to run for a week, so don't waste any time in grabbing the newest entries under our Dice Hate Me Games imprint!

Traitor Mechanic: The Traitor Mechanic Game, designed by Christopher Badell and Peter C. Hayward, is a strategic social game. Multiple players play as automobile mechanics, all working together to fix cars. However, one of them has been hired by a rival auto-shop to undermine their efforts and make this auto-shop go bankrupt. You must work together, fix the cars, and attempt to reveal just which one of you is the... wait for it... Traitor Mechanic.


Time Management: The Time Management Game, designed by Nat Levan, is a quick-playing, tile-laying game. Players are workers at the Office of Time Management, managing the space-time continuum. Their goal is to add temporal workers to the work force and arrange them in such a way to ensure the safety of the continuum and to save time - and save time!

Trick Taking: The Trick Taking Game, designed by Bob West and Tovarich Pizann, is a unique and ever-shifting trick taking game. The world’s greatest magicians have been assembled to establish who is the best illusionist of all time! But, as with all great magic, there is much sleight-of-hand afoot, and the magicians will use cunning and great mentalist powers to steal each others’ tricks!