Meet our new Customer Service Manager!

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Hey folks! Maggie here to introduce you to our new Customer Service Manager, Katie!

Katie Nale started with us on Monday, January 14 and has been tearing through emails already, so don't be alarmed if you got an email from her. She's really cool, I promise, and she has a ton of experience in customer service and success!

Prior to working at Greater Than Games, Katie was a Customer Service Manager for a small business in the St. Louis area, and an avid board game enthusiast. She has been playing board games since she was a kid, and has enjoyed demoing at several convention for Greater Than Games in the past.

We are extremely excited to welcome her to our team! You can expect to be hearing from Katie if you email us for customer service needs and see her at several upcoming conventions, including Geekway to the West, GenCon and PAX Unplugged!


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One of us!  One of us!