Meet Mara, our new Sales & Marketing Director!

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As you may have heard, back in August we posted a job opening for a Sales & Marketing Director at GTG. We are proud to announce that we have filled that position! Please welcome Mara Johannes-Graham as the new Sales & Marketing Director for Greater Than Games! Mara brings over 20 years of marketing experience to the position, and is already familiar with Gen Con, PAX, and the board game industry in general. I’m sure that you’ll be seeing a lot of her both online as @GTGMara, and in person at conventions.

We are really looking forward to sharing this next phase of Greater Than Games with all of you!


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Very happy to have you on board, Mara! laugh

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Congratulations Mara!

Your experience and passion will take GtG to the next level and beyond.


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Thank you for the warm welcome, I am thrilled to join the team!!