Major January 2014 Update!

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Welcome to 2014, everyone! We hope this year is treating everyone well - Greater Than Games has had an EXTREMEMLY productive year so far, which means we have a lot of major announcements!

We at Greater Than Games have been incredibly busy over the past several months. It is now time to break our radio silence and update you on the status of all of our projects!

Sentinels of the Multiverse: Vengeance

Vengeance has completed the printing process, made its way across the ocean, and is now on a train heading to the Greater Than Games Warehouse! As soon as we get it, we’ll spend a couple weeks packing up all of the boxes before sending them out to all of our Kickstarter backers and Pre-Order backers.

Vengeance FAQ:

Q: In what order will you be doing the shipping?

A: Unlike our last Kickstarter campaign, we will be shipping all of the Vengeance rewards in a small number of waves. The first two waves will be all of the Domestic and all of the International Kickstarter rewards, followed by two more waves for the Domestic and International Pre-Orders. At that point, we’ll open up orders for Vengeance on our web store and start shipping out orders to distributors.

Q: What if my address has changed since the Kickstarter/Pre-Order?

A: If you need to update your address, send a PM via Kickstarter (for Kickstarter backers), or an email to (for pre-order backers) with your new address.

Q: What if I want to pick up my copy of Vengeance in person?

A: Good news! We are going to be having a release event at our warehouse on Saturday, February 1st (2014, of course) from 1pm to 5pm! Come by, say hi, pick up your games, and even sit down at our tables to play Vengeance! Last minute walk-ins are welcome, but in order to pick up your copy of Vengeance, you must RSVP no later than 8am next Wednesday, January 22nd.

The Greater Than Games Headquarters is located at:
1344 Baur Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63132

Anyone who RSVPs will also receive a $10 gift certificate to Haveli, a local Indian restaurant, where we will be heading for dinner just after 5! We’d love for you to join us there!

Q: How do I RSVP?

A: Just send an email to!

Galactic Strike Force

Playtesting for Galactic Strike Force took even longer than anticipated. The good news is that we are sending the final files to the printer this week and next. The bad news is that, due to this delay and the fact that it is about to be the Chinese New Year holiday in China where our manufacturer is located, we do not anticipate getting Galactic Strike Force until May.

We are definitely upset about this second delay and the fact that we have not been able to stick to our deadlines on GSF. We have learned a lot of lessons from this project, most notably that, for future games, we will wait until the development cycle is entirely complete before launching a Kickstarter campaign for a game. The good news is that Galactic Strike Force has now achieved everything we dreamed of when we first envisioned the game, from gameplay to art to lore. The game is fun, the world is rich, and it’s a better product than we’d even initially envisioned! We know you will be pleased!

We also have a few things for you to hopefully make up for this further delay, at least in part:

First, I give you photographs of the final miniatures in all their glory!

GSF Minis!


Second, I am thrilled to reveal Opposition Missions, a gameplay element that was hitherto unannounced!

Each of the Opposition forces now have accompanying Mission Decks which describe and control the various plots and schemes the Opposition forces are engaged in, as well as giving the Strike Force players new and different ways to tackle their foes! Missions range from military maneuvers conducted by a powerful armada of Opposition ships, to the horror of clusters of Technovores chewing through a sector’s Internodes, leaving that sector cut off from the rest of the galaxy! Missions add as much in mechanical gameplay elements as they do thematic story-telling aspects, and will make sure each time the Strike Force rises against the Opposition, the game will feel different every time!

Finally, we have combined the stretch goals from the GSF Kickstarter* into a full-fledged expansion entitled “Guardians of Volneth”!

GSF: Guardians of Volneth

Rather than just the three Station Cards and a single Sector Panel, this expansion adds a fun new gameplay element to Galactic Strike Force, as well as two new sectors, one new Mission for each Opposition Fleet, fifteen Station Cards (five new cards with three copies of each), and a sheet of “Volnethian Artifact” tokens. This expansion will have an MSRP of $9.95, but will be included free of charge with every single Kickstarter reward we send out.

*Excluding the Penny Arcade promo card, which will be shipped only to Kickstarter backers.

Galactic Strike Force FAQ:

Q: What if my address has changed since the Kickstarter?

A: If you need to update your address, send a PM via Kickstarter.

Q: What if I added Vengeance to my GSF Kickstarter pledge, but would like it to be sent earlier, when Vengeance ships?

A: We can make this happen, but you will need to send a Kickstarter PM to let us know and arrange to pay the additional shipping charge. If you are interested in this early shipping option, we must receive payment no later than Monday, 20 Jan at 5pm.

So, to sum up, Vengeance is about to be on its way! Galactic Strike Force is delayed due to final playtesting and holidays interrupting the printing schedule, but it’s being finalized now and you get an entire new Mini-Expansion for free! And, if you can be in St. Louis on the first of February, you can come to our launch party! Hope to see you there!


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So, since I backed the GSF Kickstarter I will get whatever rewards from that, and also the expansion "Guardians of Volneth". This will most likely be in May


Since I preordered Vengeance in the short time pre-orders were avaible I will recieve that sometime in February, after the shattered timelines backers get their copies... unless I want to spend the 6.5 hours (one way) to drive to St. Louis. You guys are awesome, but I don't think I'll take that option.

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I can't blame you for not making the drive - we certainly don't expect everyone to do so! Just wanted to make that option available. So, yes, you will recieve Vengeance in February. Early February at that!

this is awesome, thanks for this free reverse phone lookup

When you say "walk-ins welcome" for the Vengeance release party, does that mean we don't need to have pre-ordered or backed the Kickstarter to come buy a copy of Vengeance?

I only live about 4 hours away and I would bet some of my friends would love to take a mini-road trip to attend with me!

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Absolutely! Come join in on the festivities!

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This is awesome news!  I was expecting Vengeance to begin shipping out by the end of February; it's nice to know they'll be ready to go by early Feb.

If I may ask, how long do you think it'll be between shipment waves to Kickstarter backers and Preorders?  I'm in the latter category.

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A week or two at the very most! Probably less.

When will vengance be shiped out for those who preordered it online in the usa and how long will shipping be after that?

I didn't kickstart or pre-order, and I don't live anywhere near St. Loius.  When can I expect to get my hands on Vengence?

Has payment already been collected for preorders? If not I need to adjust my payment method as the payment I registered was comprimised during the Christmas season.

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Sucks to hear that GSF is delayed till May. Won't be able to get my ShatteredTimeline rewards till May then. If only Shipping outside the states didn't cost more than the game itself. 

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