Major Announcement!

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Greater Than Games is excited to announce a brand new animated show coming to your television this fall! It's the Freedom Five animated series!

Freedom Five Animated Series

From the official press release that will be coming from the network soon:

"The Freedom Five are the best known team of heroes from the exciting world of Sentinel Comics, and we're excited to bring them to viewers in a new interactive format. While watching the show, viewers can log in to our website using their browser or on our mobile app and help the Freedom Five find clues, make tough decisions, and even take down the villains! The heroes are all super, but they need YOUR help to protect the Multiverse!"

As you can imagine, we're very excited about this new show and cannot wait to see what you think of it. There have been a few minor changes here and there to make the world of Sentinel Comics fit in a 20 minute Saturday morning cartoon, but we believe that the core of the characters and the exciting stories you've come to know and love are communicated well in this new (to us, at least!) medium.

Stay tuned for more information! We should have updates on this within a day or two, at the outside. And, as always, keep on saving the Multiverse!


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However, I fully realize what today is. 

The Wraith costume gives me a catwoman vibe

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I'm so sad tight now.


Mainly because of how sweet this series would be.

Gloomweaver, Baron, they'd make such great Cartoon villains.

The heroes are engaging, the environments fun, the Villains awesome.

We need this show to happen.

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I'm pretty sad this is a joke, mostly because I know I would watch the living hell out of that show.

Obvious April fools joke.....


That being said, please make this happen. A one shot  would be most excellent.

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Knowing Christopher, this was most obviously a joke, given that it was announced this day.

However, knowing Christopher, this is most obviously true, especially beccause it was announced this day.

Also, is it just me, or does the art style of that look heavily DC-ified (animated shows style, not necessarily comics style)?

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I know this was an April Fools joke but although it would be cool to see an Animeted series anything that would air on tv would more than likely be more focused twoards children. Now a Comic series that would be so awesome. I want to see more of the heroes in action and find more about who they are.

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I just saw this, and was terrified. The potential could be awesome, but would so so much more likely be terrifying.


Then I saw the date and sighed a relief. Well played April fools