Last Weekend's Event and New Playtesters!

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Last weekend we had an open house so people could come pick up Vengeance! We had hoped a few dozen might show up, and we got RSVPs from about 40 people, but we ended up having around 70 in total!

There were several groups of people who sat down to play their newly acquired games:

First Playing Area

Second Playing Area


A Mr. Chomps fight broke out!

Dueling Misters Chomps!


And there was even an impromptu gathering of members of our forum community: (and this picture doesn't even have all of them in it!)

The True Sentinels


The picture is unfortunately fuzzy because this guy messed it up:

He should stick to writing games...
(Thanks to Evan Daniels of Team Fancy for the great photos!)

All in all the First Annual Gathering of Heroes was a great success!

Yes, I said "First Annual." It went so well that we are excited about doing so again next year, and probably for doing at least some small release event for any Kickstarter or pre-order we make available. So, we're planning on doing another open house when Galactic Strike Force is about to ship out in a few months! 


Unrelatedly, we've had a number of people ask about becoming Playtesters. Well, good news! From now until noon (Central Time) on Friday (February 7th), you can purchase Lifetime Playtester Access from our web store for $40.

Q: What does my $40 get me?
A: Access to all of the GTG Playtesting boards, past and future, on this forum, including PDFs of playtesting material for new games.

Q: What games will I be playtesting?
A: Any games and expansions released by GTG, including Sentinels of the Multiverse, Galactic Strike Force, and various future products.

Q: How long will I remain a playtester?
A: For life and/or as long as GTG exists, as long as you do not go about revealing playtesting information outside the forum or being a jerk. Technically, GTG reserves to right to revoke anyone's playtester status, at any time, for any reason. However, in all our history to date, we have never yet done so.

So, if you're interested in joining our Playtesting Corps, check this link (NOW REMOVED) out! 

And, remember, keep on saving the Multiverse!





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I can has playtest? :D

Apparently, yes. 

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I already bought it before I even read this article. I have been checking the store every few hours since I found we can become a playtesters.


Now I just need my copy of Vengeance to come in the mail and I will be all set. 

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Ok, so how long do we wait, does a team of special agents wisk me off to some secluded Island base where I will undergo weeks of indoctrination and training.

Mostly I have no clue what to do now.  Will I get an E-Mail or is there a step I ned to take.

It's cool, not like I'm bouncing up and down while typing because I want playtesting forum access 5 seconds ago.

I can wait.



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Now? Well, now, you go check the forum and look for something that wasn't there before...

Hey, I'm trying to find the page to purchase the pass, but it keeps saying that there is a redirect loop? is there another way to get to the page or is this some sort of test?

I can be a playtester?

The question becomes which of the following is the geekiest thing I've ever done:

  1. Won a Creation Con "Best Amateur Group Costume"
  2. Moderated a Buffy-specific fan forum
  3. Become a Playtester for >G?

Well looks like I missed the boat again. Just have to wait until the next secret invitation is sent out I guess.

Edit: I missed the time frame, maybe I can make the boat still after all *bounces*

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So I'm assuming it's manually updated? About how long should we expect to wait before getting access?

I've pledged for Galactic Strike Force, Vengeance and international shipment but I've never received nothing... and now I read here that other people are buying Vengeance. Why?!? Where has finished my money?!?

Oh thank god, just snuck in under the wire. But now the wait *bounces*

I can't believe I missed this!!!!! I didn't even get an e-mail with this as news for the playtesting group!!!!! When will you open this again?

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So when do the Kickstarter and Preorders start shipping out? I was under the impression that's what this event was to celebrate, but I've yet to hear anything concrete.

EDIT 2014/02/14: Nevermind, I just recieved my copy today.