Land Ho! Spirit Island is on the Horizon!

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Spirit Island is coming to Kickstarter on September 22! We know a lot of people have been very excited about this, and we're even more excited for you to see it.

Spirit Island is the cooperative settler-destruction strategy game that everyone has been waiting for, even if they didn't know it. It was designed by Eric Reuss for 1-4 players, and games typically take from 90 to 120 minutes. In Spirit Island, players will take on the role of the spirits of a secluded island during a time of upheaval. Curious foreign invaders have arrived and begun claiming parts of the island as their own. It is up to you and the inhabitants to drive them off! You control the beasts and jungles and even the elements themselves in your battle against Blight.

Stay tuned for more news later! And mark the date of September 22!


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Looking forward to it. 

I watched two demos online but I do not recall anybody mentioning how the solo play works. Can you please talk about that in the Kickstarter. The game does look really fun and I am looking forward to it. I liked the mechanic of the invader track. Thanks.

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I've been in playtesting since the early days.  Solo play works exactly like normal play except that if you have powers that normally target "another spirit" they can target you.  The board scales with # of players, so with 1 player you use 1 island board.  It CAN be a little more difficult, since you don't have anyone to co-operate with, but I'd say it's within margin of error the exactly same game as with more players.

Thanks for responding, broccoli.

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Really looking forward to this - very psyched it's coming! laugh