It's Over!

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Congratulations, Sentinels fans! Thank you all for being a part of this, our most succesful pre-funding campaign! The final tally comes in at 4481 copies of Wrath of the Cosmos preordered - that's amazing!

Over the next few weeks, you can absolutely look forward to updates about the characters and stories of the Wrath of the Cosmos expansion. There is a lot going on in the Multiverse, and we are eager to share it with you!

Thank you again, and keep on saving the Multiverse!


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Can't wait to add this to our collection.



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I'm excited to learn more about the story dealing with the expansion decks.  Now if only we could fast forward to getting our hands on this

My friend just pointed out the new expansion would not be at kickstarter lol. Damn, I lost the pre-order, now have to wait =/

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Captain Cosmic is cool and I'm looking forward to the reveal of the rest of the expansion pieces.  

My son is already telling his friends about Captain Cosmic and Sky Scrapper at school - he needs more!  More! MORE!!!  :-p  

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The campaign ended a while ago and I was hoping by now we would get some villain updates for WotC.  Can we get some more SotM background stories pretty pleaselaugh

do we have an approximate date of when this will be shipping out for those who preordered?

I've been entrenched in work for most of this year - and, upon my return to gaming, completely missed my opportunity for the extras in my favorite game.

What is the likelihood that these will be up for sale, like the other mini expansions?  What about the promo character cards? I LOVE the look of the Prime Wardens.  Those matching suits are awesome!

Anyways, for all you guys who jumped on board with this, I'll bet you check this site daily for news :)

Have fun gaming!