It's Holiday Sale time!

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Surprise! It's time for the Greater Than Games Holiday Sale! We're really excited to offer this. From now until January 2nd, we have a really sweet deal happening in our store.

First of all, we are offering a $5 flat-rate shipping deal for all orders to US and Canadian addresses! Anything you want in whatever quantity you want it, just $5 shipping.

On top of that, we have some brand new, super sweet promos for Sentinels of the Multiverse! Any order you make (except orders containing only these promo cards) during this sale will get a free set of these added to the box. You can also add additional sets to your order for only $0.95.

For those of you who think you already have everything in our store, don't fret! We have some new items, as well. Bottom of the 9th and its expansions are new to the store, and any orders of that will be shipping as soon as all preorders have been shipped. There are also a few products from our friends at Foam Brain Games, like cufflinks, tie clips, earrings, and logo pins! Or maybe this Baron Blade Pinny Arcade pin is more your style!

Finally, Mr. Chomps was so excited to spend a little more time with Santa Guise that we've put him on sale for $9.95! That's 50% off, if you're keeping track.

Now, shipping is going to be just slightly slower, due to lots of activity in our warehouse, but we are looking at around a week for orders to get out. If you want to make sure you get your orders by Christmas, get them placed by December 10th! Any orders placed after the 10th, we will get out as swiftly as possible, but both FedEx and the US Postal Service are much slower this time of year, so no guarantees.

Or, better yet, just don't wait and order now!


How much is the shipping if I only want the promos? 5 dollars is a lot for shipping something that light.

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The shipping is still $5 for just the promos, but that comes out to $5.95 for 4 promos, compared with $12 ($3/promo) that we sell them for at conventions.

true i guess 1.25 a card isnt too bad. just kinda expensive when you live on a budget.

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Indeed, but at least it's not the $11 that international shipping costs for just the promos.  That makes international customers pay just the same as convention customers.  (Unless we order together - but I'm finding my friends less and less willing to do this, as they tire of shipping costs that are reasonably hefty even when shared.  More and more, they're finding it better value to order GtG products from Amazon and get free shipping.)

I do wish GtG would just add the holiday promos to everyone's Villains pre-orders.  My impression is that GtG don't make any money from the shipping, only from the products, and having to send out a lot of extra packages for the promos is going to take up their time in a way that doesn't seem super-productive.  Promo-only orders seem like they'll make more money for their shipping partners than for them, so it just seems in their best interest as well as ours to put them in with all the Villains pre-orders.  Assuming they don't (and it looks like they won't), I'll pay my $11 shipping and be happy with my promos, but I *so* wish that the $11 could go to GtG instead of FedEx.  GtG make the products that I love.  Paying for shipping instead of paying them more feels like *such* a waste.


Edit: Thanks to the wonderful Mezike organising a group-buy for international folks, this problem is pretty much resolved.  Less shipping waste, both for customers and GtG!  Hooray!

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Can we add an order of the Promos to our Pre-Order of Villains to save on shipping?

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I sent an e-mail, but... I'll comment ask here too since there was such a fast response. Call me a cheapskate, but the $5 shipping also gave me pause for a second. I've got my pre-order of Villains coming. I most likely paid for shipping on that. Is it possible in any way for people who did that and also want these promo cards to just pay 1.00 and have the cards included with their Villain expansion shipment?

If not, I'll gladly pay the $5.95 but I'm just trying to watch every dollar on my end as the holiday season approaches.


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Unfortunately, the logistical complexities of editing and adding to preorders (as well as potential unexpected delays and the like with the delivery of Villains) means that we can't alter preorders to involve these promo cards.

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That's unfortunate but also understandable.

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Hmm...I guess it isn't that understandable to me. We gave you money months ago for a product we haven't even seen yet, and you can't chuck four cards in a box? That's odd, in my opinion.

Will these cards be in the pack that is released after all is said and done?

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Yes, they will.

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Cool! Thanks! I know I'll be picking that up anyway.

Trying to order some things, and the promos are added when I check out, but are being shown at $0.95, and the total price reflects that change.

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Did it still reflect that when you went to check out?


For me, I saw the 95 cents added when I was first viewing my cart, but when I moved on to checking out, a discount was applied.

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Ok that should be fixed now. Thanks for noticing!

Do you know when the new expansions will be restocked on the store? 

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The new expansions (Villains of the Multiverse, etc) won't be restocked until January after they have shipped to everyone who preordered them.

Gotcha thanks Paul! Guess that Means I will be getting Mr. Chomps to take advantage of this sale!

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There were some games I wanted to pick up, but they're currently out of stock. (It looks like a lot of items must have gone out of stock with this announcement!) I don't mind waiting, but if I order now for delivery later, will I still get the $5 shipping and the promo cards?

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Logo pins link doesn't on this page doesn't work.  Regardless, this is a good opportunity to get that second copy of Deck Building the Deck Building game.  

Paul or Craig, whats the likely hood of if I order it today that the promos will be shipped this week. Would be fun to use them at thanksgiving. Also kinda curious how fast these will be brought into the app.

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The promos will begin shipping this week, but they are unlikely to arrive before Thanksgiving given the typical transit time for USPS.

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So I was expecting something like this for the promos, and I was thinking about what I was going to get from the shop. But I'm not seeing it. Did you guys stop selling the SOTM Playmat? Or am I just unable to find it?

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The Playmats are out of print unfortunately!

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So, did we change Unity back to the "shuffle into her deck" variant? Because I thought Christopher said we were settling on the "just destroy it" variant.

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It destroys then shuffles in.  Prevents a lot of wierdness.

Is there any chance for us late comers to get VotM on this shipping deal? I would really like to add this to my Sentinels set and the shipping for Canada is outstanding. Any chance this will com back into stock?



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We'll see if there's an official response, but note that this deal is running until January 2. Villains was said to be on a boat right now, so I would expect it to arrive at GtG (and presumably be added to the store) before January 2 if nothing goes wrong.

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Unfortunately, VotM will not be available during this sale.

Will Wager Master ever go back in stock?

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Yes! Wager Master will come in on the same boat as VotM.

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Will it be possible to purchase the Oversized Villain Cards anytime soon? I was hoping to purchase them soon anyways, and this would be the perfect opportunity for such. Otherwise I'll probably just buy a few sets of promos now, then pick up the new set of Oversized cards when they're on Cool Stuff Inc and I place a big order there.

In other news, I'm really glad to see a Bunker variant that is still Lt. Vance. Now if only we could get a Legacy variant that's actually Paul Parsons.

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The Oversized villain cards are in the same boat as VotM literally.    This promotion will be over before they put up sales for the Overvillain cards.  

I live in Finland and would love to get the promo cards, but the shipping estimate is over $30. I imagine it should be possible to ship them much cheaper considering they would easily fit in a small envelope. Any chance you could find some cheaper shipping alternative for them?

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If you just order up to four promo packs, there should be an option for $11 international shipping.  If there isn't for Finland, maybe contact Greater than Games?  It might be a mistake.  Their webstore can be finicky.

So there is. On my first try I just slapped 5 promo packs in the cart to see how much the shipping would be. Thanks man.

WIll the new mini expansions (Chokepoint and Celestial Tribunal) be available during the sale? 

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Just like the Oversized Villains pack the new mini expansions Chokepoint and Celestial Tribunal are in the same boat as VotM literally. This promotion will be over before they put up sales for those.

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Just a confirmation, since I have all the Sentinels stuff I could want, would I get the Sentinels promos for buying some Dice Hate Me stuff, or do I have to buy Sentinels products to get the promos?

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You can buy anything you want from the store to get the promos!

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Shut up and take my money!  cheeky

Santa Guise looks like he'll be a lot of fun.  And I certainly can't resist getting promo character cards.  

Anyone else think the bunker resembles a Mega Mech from Falling Skies?

So, I placed my order. Can't wait for Guise and his promo (oh, and those other three). I wonder when he'll get to me? I guess that's the fun of mail order.


I placed my order on Nov. 20 and I was wondering when the cards will be shipped since I haven't received a shipping notification yet.

I ordered 11/18 & haven't seen a shipping notice yet - has anyone else?  Just curious if I should worry or not :)


It has been over two weeks since I ordered, just like allardk19. I'm concerned, for sure.

They aren't even saying anything, about the delay of the promo's 

i ordered on the 19th and nothing...but they took my payment in under 24hrs....




I received mine! Glorious Guise! My son's favorite character just got options!

I ordered mine the day after the sale started. Ordered a couple extra sets to give as gifts and a t-shirt for myself.

Just hoping to get the new promos in time to give them to my friends

Greater Than Games,

I've just dropped you an email.

Need to know the status of my order because I'm travelling in a few days time.

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I'd certainly appreciate some kind of update concerning my order as well. Either order actually.