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Welcome to a new year! I hope 2015 is treating you all as well as it has been treating us!

We spent the very end of 2014 unloading a cargo container! We now have the Wager Master, Guise, and Omnitron IV mini-expansions in our warehouses, as well as the Prime Wardens and K.N.Y.F.E. promo cards! And, of course, Wrath of the Cosmos!

Now, we have begun the packing of the great Wrath of the Cosmos shipping event! This is the largest packing and shipping event we have ever done, and it's a good thing we recently added Jenn and Craig to our ranks, because this ship out is all hands on deck! We even have a fancy robot to do all of the box taping!

We started packing games on Wednesday and will continue to do so every day until every pre-order has been shipped. The first transport of games leaves this Friday, and we will have everything shipped out by the following Friday (the 9th) at the latest.

Look forward to more updates soon, as we will be reporting on the status of the shipping event as it goes!


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Glad to hear it's on the way.   

I know that taping machine. It will try and trick you into putting a hand or arm into it so that his hammer can come down on you.

Since Omnitron obviously deployed this thing what is its end of turn effect?

Assembly line:
Each hero may draw an extra card at end of his/her turn. Play an extra card from the Villain deck at the end of the villain turn.


Will there be any sort of shipping notification, or will we just get an awesome surprise?

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Are those promos gunna be for sale as well? :)

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We never put promos up for sale and will continue that process until we release the Unlimited promo pack, once the storyline is complete.

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Yes. All of the yes.

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as a Fed Ex courier i will be looking for these boxes coming down the belts!

While I love the idea of getting WOC soon, please take some time to enjoy yourselves to ring in 2015. Having this, the last task of 2014 behind you might be nice, but not companies do not survive on empty warehouses alone :)

Very excited, but still feeling like my patience is in no way yet tested.

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This is exciting.  Yeah!

Soon shall the secrets of the cosmos be mine *cue evil laughter*

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I didn't Learn about this great game till after The Pre-order So I will just have to wait till they sell the Game and Mini-expansions.

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Some FLGSs got the box already (no mini-expansions), due to GtG having believed the container with promos & mini-expansions wasn't far behind. Depending on where you are, you might be able to find it already.

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Can't wait to receive mine.  Thanks for the update!  :)

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will we receive notifications when things ship out?

I literally just moved on the 2nd. So what e-mail do i have to send in order to get it shipped to my new location?

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I would say to contact and/or

I'm so keen for this, Thank you to all the staff at GTG for thier amazing work. I look forward to recieving my package in the mail.

Will you guys be letting us know when our products are being shipped finally?

I don't beleive i've received a confirmation yet - I certainly havn't received my game!

Same as above, haven't seen anything yet indicating my order shipped and the status on the website says its Created status. Did all the preorders ship from what came in on the 1st?

I am guessing you are behind in your shipping, as this was created almost a week ago and the package has not been picked up yet at your location.
Would  that be correct?

Im not sure what you mean by that - The last information I received to the email adress Included in the shipping details was the one regarding the port delays.

I've received no information after that at all, save for these pre-order blogs.

No shipped notice, order still shows PreOrder status. Eagerly awaiting my copy of WotC

Nothing in email and still showing Preorder status as does for others. How long do we have to wait in the UK to get our copies?

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Were you able to get everything shipped as planned by the 9th?

Has anyone in the UK recieved their copy yet? Mine is still showing as Preorder status and haven't seen any email letting me know it's on my way :/

Even though my order is still showing as Preorder status, I can't help but go to the door when someone knocks with a slight hopefullness that I will finally have my copy. This is not how I want to live my life lol!

So, a couple of my friends now have bought pre-order copies of the game from Local game stores.

Still no news about the copy of the game I pre-ordered after the explanation regarding the france situation.

Are you in the UK also?