International Tabletop Day!

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Hello, gamers of all sorts!

Are you excited about International Tabletop Day? It's coming up in less than a month, and we're hosting a gaming day here!

Here's the official Tabletop Day listing: check it out! You can RSVP there, if you wish!

On April 5th, we will be hosting an open gaming day from 11AM to 7PM at our headquarters! Bring your games, your friends, and your own food and drink to our warehouse for a full day of gaming and awesomeness! Everyone will get a Legacy promo card and a Bunker promo card for Sentinels of the Multiverse! Play a prototype of our new game: Sentinel Tactics!

The Greater Than Games Headquarters is located at

1344 Baur Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63132

Questions? E-mail us at
See you April 5th! Play more games!

And, if you want to post flyers, here's one for you!

GTG Tabletop Day Flyer


I totally want to go!

... But I live in Florida, and that's way too far on way too little notice sad

O well; Playtesting will have to suffice. I can still dream about getting to meet you guys and maybe even getting those promos one day though wink

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Totally wish could go, but being at out of US guess will just play Vengeance in spirit :)


Hopefully we get to see some photos and sneak peak of tactics.

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Will the Legacy and Bunker cards be something anyone that is not able to attend will not be able to get their hands on or an already released Promo card?

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It seems likely that the Legacy and Bunker promo cards are the same ones that shipped with Vengeance as part of the GSF Kickstarter. They will probably be available at conventions only while supplies  last. GtGs has said that after the entire Sentinels of the Multiverse story/expansions has been released they envision packaging all of the previous promo cards for sale. You can also print them for yourself -- search around on board game geek for officially-sanctioned files.

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When we bring our own food and drink, can we also bring food to share with other gamers? I'm thinking home-made cookies!