Have you seen the amazing proportionist?!

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We're still eagerly awaiting the delivery of the rest of the Wrath of the Cosmos materials so we can ship pre-orders out to everyone. Come on, boats! Come on, trains! Come on, cargo containers sitting at the dock that are stuck because of reasons - we've got a Multiverse to save here!

To help move time along, let's welcome an alien hero to the ranks of those arrayed to save said Multiverse!

Portja Kir-Pro was a freedom fighter, working alongside the other Thorathian rebels attempting to overthrow the remnants of Grand Warlord Voss’s terrible rule. Her unique capabilities as one of the few, rare “empowered” Thorathians served the resistance well, as she could shrink to a tiny size to infiltrate the military’s compounds and sabotage their gear and soldiers, or she could grow to a toweringly huge size and create quite the mess, either as part of an attack or as just a distraction. However, everything changed when the Bloodsworn Colosseum manifested on her home planet of Dok’Thorath.

Kaargra Warfang, the ruthless leader of the Bloodsworn, took Portja hostage, hoping to harness her size-changing abilities in the gladiatorial arena. Portja fought for years, hoping to earn her freedom, but the deal offered to the Bloodsworn is a losing proposition. The colosseum manifested in many bizarre locations throughout space, but Portja was unable to find even a glimmer of hope until heroes of the planet Earth entered the arena. Seizing the opportunity, the powerful Thorthian fought Kaargra herself, giving the heroes the chance to escape the arena, and when the colosseum was about to translocate to its next destination, Portja jumped ship.

Now, Portja has a place among the heroes of Earth as Sky-Scraper: the Proportionist! She brings her knowledge of subterfuge and skill with her “links”, which she uses to control and subdue her opponents, as well as her power to change her size and mass to great effect!


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Can't wait to play the expansion.   Hopefully the delays in shipping get sorted out.  

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I was fortunate enough to play this character once and the deck mechanic is really cool.  I'm loving the backstory and art too.

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Do we know why her eyes glow?

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Voss's eyes always glow so I would guess it is a Thorathian thing

They glow with Excitement.

That's why my eyes are glowing.  Can't wait to meet our new heroes in person.

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I think that says it all...

...or if she lost that by joining the rebellion...


In other words, will Field Lieutenant Tamar leap to her defense... or leave her hanging in the wnd?


We'll know soon!

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