#GreaterTogether lives on!

Maggie's picture

Hi fellow humans! Maggie here with a short and sweet update about our #GreaterTogether campaign!


We received several questions throughout the month of June asking if the #GreaterTogether pride products were going to be available after pride month ended and they are! They will be available all year and all proceeds will continue to be donated to The TREVOR Project. We plan to roll out a new design for 2019 around mid-May and we will consider retiring the 2018 designs then.


Please take a moment to look at the super rad design Jenn and SaRae come up with for #GreaterTogether.


We would also love love loveeeeeeeeee to see what folks got! If you already picked up a scarf, shirt, sticker, etc. please use #GreaterTogether and/or tag us on social media!