Greater Than Games Monthly Newsletter - April 2017

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Greetings from GTG!

We are thrilled to announce the wonderful array of new titles and expansions releasing in June, July, and August.


Sentinel Comics: RPG Starter Kit

We also have several titles that are now back in stock.

Deck Building: The Deck Building Game​
Belle of the Ball​
Viva Java: The Coffee Game​ - Coming in May
Viva Java: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game​ - Coming in May


International Tabletop Day is coming up on April 29th, we encourage everyone to head to your local game store to play games. It's going to be a great time that everyone can get involved in. If you're wanting to do something in your local store, let us know, and we can help support you!
Finally, we're always looking for more people who are interested in becoming Greater Than Games Citizens. We'd love to bring you into the fold.

Don't think twice about getting in touch if we can do anything for you.

Greater Than Games Team








Greater Than Games will be attending the following events/conventions. We are excited to see you there!
Geekway to the West - 18-21 May
UK Games Expo - 2 - 4 June
Gen Con - 17 - 20 August


Hey Mara,

How confident are you with the products releasing which month?

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Hi, Jacob!

As far as I know we are on track for these release dates as it stands. 

Kindest regards, 


your guys are going to make me go broke this summer.

Many good things coming. Is there any update on the status of Prime War and Rise of the Ennead?

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Not yet. We'll have more info about that after OblivAeon is completely to the printer and off of our plate.