Greater Than Games is Hiring a Sales & Marketing Director!

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Sales & Marketing Director

Do you have Sales & Marketing skills and experience and a desire to work for a quickly growing company in the tabletop gaming industry? Good news: Greater Than Games is hiring a Sales & Marketing Director!

Job Summary: We are seeking a Sales & Marketing Director with the ability to develop and execute a creative and aggressive marketing strategy. An ideal candidate will possess broad experience in areas of strategic planning and market development, and the ability to calibrate strategy as needed to achieve results. We will begin the interview process in September, with the intent to complete the hiring process in October.

Founded in January 2011 by Christopher Badell, Adam Rebottaro, and Paul Bender, Greater Than Games, LLC designs and publishes tabletop gaming products. Our initial product, Sentinels of the Multiverse, has enjoyed critical and commercial success, and we are continuing to grow our business both with SotM expansions and with other designer tabletop games. In 2015, Greater Than Games merged with Dice Hate Me Games - founded in 2011 by Chris Kirkman - combining our powers to maximize the awesomeness of the games we publish.

Now, Greater Than Games publishes games under three distinct imprints. Sentinel Comics features our own super-powered heroes fighting crime and villainy across a whole line of games. Dice Hate Me Games are Euro-style games from great designers with a classic Americana feel. And Fabled Nexus is the home to the weird and wonderful - fantasy and sci-fi games. We at Greater Than Games are all about making the games that we have always wanted to play. Together, we work hard, play hard, and will continue producing high quality tabletop games for many years to come. We hope to find the perfect match to be a part of our team!

You will be responsible for:

  • Developing and implementing strategic marketing plans and sales plans
  • Performing and evaluating market research and adjusting to meet changing market conditions
  • Monitoring competitor’s products, sales, and marketing activities
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with key customers and strategic partners
  • Managing our brand presence in physical stores, at trade shows, and through social media
  • Working with management to develop a well-informed set of goals that can be used to optimize organizational performance. 

The basic skills and attributes we’re looking for include:

  • A passion for and proven track record of strategically expanding a small business's presence in a specialty market
  • Strong, independent drive and motivation to overcome issues and solve problems
  • Flexibility to serenely deal with rapidly changing schedules, deadlines, and priorities
  • Willingness to ask for assistance early and often in a project when necessary
  • Extremely well developed communication skills
  • Must welcome responsibility, challenge, and decision-making 

Mandatory technical requirements; if you don’t have these, it isn’t worth your time to apply:

  • Bachelor’s degree in sales, marketing or business administration or equivalent number of years of experience
  • A willingness to relocate to the St. Louis, MO area
  • Expert level command of office software, including Google Docs

The ideal candidate would also have (note: these are not requirements, just bonuses!):

  • A love of tabletop gaming
  • Master’s degree in sales, marketing or business administration 

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Starting Range: $50k - $70k (negotiable)
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance
  • Retirement savings
  • Generous and flexible PTO policy (sick, vacation, and holiday)
  • Periodic bonuses
  • Relocation help (if necessary)

If you are qualified for this position and are interested in applying, please e-mail your résumé to . We look forward to hearing from you!


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Wish I had this skill set.  Best of luck to whomever you hire.

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Also regretfully not my skill set.

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I could see it. Not really actually that far off. Let me dust off the ol' resume-maker.