Gen Con 2016 Mega Post

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Gen Con 2016 is just around the corner on August 4th through 7th, and we have some really great things planned for everyone! Our booth (#2123) will have short demos of so many things, as well as games both new and not-new! We’ll have the 5th Anniversary Foil Hero Collection for Sentinels of the Multiverse, New Bedford, Nantucket, and the long-awaited reprints of Brew Crafters, Great Heartland Hauling Company, and all of the Sentinels of the Multiverse expansions! You can also come check out our Event Room (Room 145) for our most exciting event lineup yet! Seriously, check out all of these events. There’s more going on than you can shake a stick at.

First of all, we have game sessions for so many games that you know and love! Bottom of the 9th, Brew Crafters, Compounded, Great Heartland Hauling Company, New Bedford, Sentinel Tactics, Sentinels of the Multiverse (with or without Vengeance and Villains of the Multiverse), and Spirit Island are all options. We also have a couple special game sessions that you might be interested in.

We’re going to be running several sessions of Sentinels of the Multiverse: OblivAeon throughout the convention. This is distinct from the other Sentinels of the Multiverse demos, which will be more standard games. Or maybe you want to check out the Sentinel Comics RPG, from character creation to actual play to GM advice, with members of the design team!


We’re also very excited to be able to show off our upcoming game Fate of the Elder Gods! Fate of the Elder Gods is an original design from the combined minds of Richard Launius (Arkham Horror, Defenders of the Realm, and so many more) and Darrell Louder (Compounded and Bottom of the 9th) wherein players play as Lovecraftian god-like figures manipulating their cultists into bringing them into the world. Richard Launius himself will be there, running many of those games, so don’t miss this opportunity!


If you’re feeling super competitive, we’ll be running a Bottom of the 9th tournament! It went over so well last year that we couldn’t pass up doing it again this year. There are some really special surprises in wait for you at this one. Check it out!


We also have many non-game events happening this year that we’re very excited for.


First of all, Art with Adam has our very own Adam Rebottaro helping you create your very own heroes for the Sentinel Comics RPG in his signature style. Adam is also holding a panel,Illustrating Board Games, with a few special guests.


Or perhaps you’re curious about Greater Than Games in general. We’ll be holding The State of Greater Than Games to tell you all about what’s going on with us! Or you can come meet us all in a more casual setting at the Greater Than Games Meet & Greet. If you’re after information specifically regarding our upcoming RPG, you could even come to the Sentinel Comics RPG Q&A with members of the design team!


One panel that we’re super excited to be holding is our Women in Gaming Meet & Greet. It will consist of a short Q&A session with our panelists and then become a relaxed mixer/meet-and-greet/networking event for our special guests, attendees, and panelists. This event is all about celebrating women in gaming and geek culture. It's a time for convention attendees to meet, support, ask questions of, and be inspired by women who have "made-it" in the industry as well as a chance for convention goers to make new friends. The panel is open to women and men who support the growing female demographic in the industry. Panelists (so far) will include:


  • Sarah Donner, Singer/Songwriter/Music Instructor
    Sarah Donner is a singer/songwriter/cat lady who can't win at Settlers of Catan because of her preoccupation with The Longest Road. She has also never won Ticket to Ride or Machi Koro. This one time she almost won an OUTMusic Award for her song With Pride, but then they cancelled the awards ceremony due to an FBI investigation. However, she has won the hearts of many cats. Visit her website at


  • Amanda Valentine, Editor/Developer/Blogger
    Amanda Valentine is a freelance editor and developer. Her work includes the Dresden Files RPG, Firefly RPG, Urban Shadows, Fate Accelerated Edition, Little Wizards, and many others, including a growing quantity of novels and other fiction. She blogs sporadically at about editing, parenting, and gaming. At she writes spoilerific book reviews for adults who care about what the kids in their lives are reading. You can find her on Twitter as @ayvalentine and @reads4tweens.


  • Jessica Wade, Podcaster/Game Enthusiast/Forensic Firearms Examiner
    When Jessica got introduced to the world of hobby boardgaming just a year ago, she found the niche she'd been looking for, dove right in, and hasn't looked back. She is currently a co-host on a boardgaming podcast, The State of Games where she has taken over producer and editing responsibilities, she contributes segments to two other podcasts, and she's been making the convention circuit this year; this is her first time attending GenCon! Outside of boardgaming, Jessica works as a forensic firearms examiner for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Listen to Jessica at


  • Jodie Wagner, GTG Warehouse Manager/Shipping Princess
    Jodie has been an employee at Greater Than Games since 2013 where her title is Shipping Princess. She handles warehousing, shipping, and some logistics there. When Jodie isn't keeping the warehouse robots in line, she helps edit the Adjacent Hex podcasts and is currently working to partner in a new podcast called Roll2dQueer. She is a proud LgbT woman, spouse, and mom.


  • Lauren Woolsey, Game Makers Guild Treasurer/Game Designer/Professor
    Lauren just finished her PhD in astronomy and astrophysics at Harvard, and is currently the treasurer of the Game Makers Guild in Boston. In the Fall, she will be teaching physics and astronomy at Grand Rapids Community College. Lauren's two science-based games, "Stars, Inc." and "Amino" have been in the Boston Festival of Indie Games Tabletop Showcase and she is currently working on another game.


We will also have a group of Special Guest Attendees who will be available to speak to during the meet-and-greet portion of the event such as Aubrey and Angela of The Doubleclicks, published game illustrator Katherine G Birmelin, and more! The panel will be moderated by Jennifer Closson, the Visual Design Manager of Greater Than Games.


Next up, we will be holding a huge Greater Than Games Costume Contest! In years past, we’ve always been excited at how many folks show up dressed as their favorite characters from Sentinel Comics games. Well, we’re expanding this year! We have more details coming soon in a post of its own, but I can give you some things to start planning for now. Every entrant will get a neat prize, and there will also be special prizes in a few categories as well as a Grand Prize! The categories are Best Craftspersonship, Most Original, Best Sentinel Comics Costume, Best Dice Hate Me Games Costume, and Best Fabled Nexus Costume. We can’t wait to see what you all have to show off!


And, finally, we’ll be wrapping up the show as always with our GTG Charity Auction. This is your chance to snag some of the rapidly dwindling original Sentinels of the Multiverse promos and support the Child’s Play charity at the same time. All funds raised at this auction go directly to them!


We’re so excited to see all of you there!