Fourth Reveal: Biomancer

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A few minutes ago I tweeted, "Once again, it is question time! What is the first AND last name of Tachyon's wife?"

In mere seconds, Julia responded correctly with, "Dana Bertrand" Huzzah!

Time for Biomancer to make himself known!


Not much is known about the villain known as Biomancer. There are records which show evidence of his work centuries ago, but surely, they must be mistaken. 

His powers allow him to create living flesh. He builds skeletons for the flesh to adhere to. The flesh then animates the skeleton, pulling it haphazardly to effect movement. His creations mindlessly follow his commands, though he can exact more precise control to get them to mimic specific people or act in particular ways. For the most part, his homunculi are hard to tell apart from "real" people, though if they sustain much damage or encounter situations which they do not have specific instructions about, they easily revert to more shambling states.

Biomancer's control over living matter is rather disgusting, but it has allowed him to survive the ages by animating his own flesh and replacing parts as necessary. His self-powered immortality comes at the cost of his moral compass. Biomancer sees every living being as a potential test subject. After all, the skins that people wear could be so much more in the hands of a master.

Are you prepared to deal with the inhuman horror of Biomancer? He has great plans for you. And those nearest you - anyone you call friend - could be one of his clever homunculi. Who knows whose skin his creations are wearing? Only Biomancer knows.


Now we're talking! He's my favorite reveal today buy far. I can't wait to see him in action and I hope he is the villain mini-expansion.

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I think I smell Unity's villain-team nemesis.

Someone who toys with, manipulates, and animates flesh the same way Unity does mechanical bits?  I think Unity, for all her reckless enthusiasm, would see that as a gross perversion of the abilities she uses to protect the world.  She builds friends and protectors out of scrap and spare parts; Biomancer builds monstrosities out of hapless passersby.  Like the bio says, everybody is a potential test subject in his eyes.

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Good point! My bet on Unity as well!

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Biomancer is already confirmed as Scholars primary nemesis.

I will 100% agree though that Unity would also make perfect sense as it's a great foil in theme

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Forgot about that, you're right...!

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Unity seems thematically appropriate, but surely Biomancer's nemesis is the Scholar?  One of the Scholar's story challenge/achievement thingies is vs. Biomancer.

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Yeah. It's gotta be Scholar.

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Couldn't he be both? I mean what if he makes a fleshy version of Mr. Chomps, one that CRUSHES the old one, hence why she makes a new and improved version of him in tactics.

Although being around as long as he has been, the knowledge of the philosopher's stone I could see as something he has been seeking to "complete" his creations in bringing them to life.

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But I'm glad he has a nemesis now.

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This guy has great flavor. Makes my skin crawl in a non-animated by crazy immortal way

Man, Adam's artwork has really improved over the years!

Does he CREATE flesh and animate it, or does he STEAL flesh from people and animate it?

Otherwise, what experiments would he do to people?


Either way, I love the concept and can't wait to see how he works.


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Sounds like both after rereading the bio. It. Mentions he create it, but later talks about his ability to manipulate living matter.