For Profit Characters

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There are two characters in the Sentinel Tactics: For Profit expansion who are not part of the For Profit team. Both of them provide considerable challenge, but when the price is right, For Profit delivers!


Exemplar has a bit of a problem. A creature has taken up residence in the Pike Industrial Complex ruins, which serves as the entrance to his subterranean headquarters. Fortunately, For Profit are willing to do a bit of brush clearing.

After Baron Blade organized the Vengeful Five to take on the Freedom Five and their allies, the living vegetation known as Man-Grove was thought to have retreated to the far-off land from whence it had originated. In truth, it stayed much closer.

Wounded from battle, it drug itself to a swamp where it hid in pain and fear. Coincidentally, this swamp happened to be not far from the home of young Vanessa Long. She felt the psychic anguish of the creature, and made her way to the swamp. There, she was shocked at the sight of Man-Grove, but still managed to comfort the mind of the semi-sapient flora.

Over time, Vanessa was able to aid the being to become more than just what others saw it as - some monstrous creature. When it came time for Man-Grove to move on, Vanessa gave it a gift. Man-Grove still treasures the stuffed ape as its sole possession.

It used to be just trees and vines, but now Man-Grove is much more. Unfortunately, its in For Profit’s way, so they’re in the market for an oversized weed wacker!


The ruins of Rook City are an ideal battleground for guerrilla combat. A single combatant can take on an entire team using hit-and-run tactics and harrying an opponent. Such a combatant has been creating significant trouble for Exemplar’s squads, and he is offering quite a payout for the head of Renegade.

The reports of Renegade are downright contradictory. Some claim him a man with a gun, others a killer robot. There are stories of hats, dusters, and pistols, but just as many of metal claws or a glowing green eye. Who - or what - could this creature be?!

No matter the truth of it. For Profit doesn’t care much about the particulars. They’re confident that this Renegade won’t give them too much trouble. How much trouble can just one target be?


Man-Grove and Renegade are both playable characters in Sentinel Tactics: For Profit.

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CR turned into a terminator apparently.  Mangrove sounds pretty awesome and I like that back story.  

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That first picture crawled straight out of my nightmares, the second crawled straight into my heart!

Beest. Comment. Ever. Also, stictly true.

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This For Profit expansion is exciting.  Operative is freelancing, and now working for her old boss, trying to take out a tree and Chrono Ranger turned Swamp Beast and Cyborg Guerilla fighter?


This is pretty cool stuff.

A whole lot more than For Profit expects. laugh

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Ok, was not expecting Chrono-Ranger. That's neat.

This might be the tipping point that causes me to get Sentinel Tactics.

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Blown away. First by cuteness and then by epicness.


Also, considered plague rat is still alive and in broken city, one target seems to cause a whole lot of problems cheeky

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The first thing Vanessa taught Man-Grove?

How to use a comb.