For Profit!

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People become villains for a wide variety of reasons. Some crave power. Some already have power, and use that power poorly. Some make poor decisions but for understandable reasons. Some make intentional decisions to behave poorly. Some have grand designs and will not let anyone or anything get in their way, regardless of right or wrong. 

But some just want to get rich.

Many "small time" villains end up working together or at cross purposes at one point or another. Some of them, when those paths cross, come to blows or worse. But some see the potential in a mutually beneficial arrangement. Possibly the most infamous of these arrangements is For Profit.

Ambuscade, having worked with or against many villains in his time, has seen some moderate success in working with others. Now, however, he is not working towards any specific purpose, other than the accumulation of wealth. Approaching other powerful individuals who have shown the right brand of "moral flexibility", he proposed a plan which would culminate with each of them more wealthy than ever before.

First, The Operative agreed to work with him. After her loss of status with the fall of Rook City, and then the failure of her attempt to gain a foothold in Megalopolis, she was ready for a change of pace. Taking money and keeping it for herself seemed a lot easier than her previous assignments, and actually working for herself was just the change she needed. 

The two of them were a strong enough team to entice others to join their venture. With the addition of a few key members, the team For Profit was born.

A former member of a F.I.L.T.E.R. strike team, Becky Blast wants nothing more than to blow things up. Turns out, the components to make explosives aren't cheap, so joining For Profit meant bigger and better explosions, and more of them! How could Becky say no to that? Her knowledge of bombs and her reckless demeanor make her one of the most dangerous members of For Profit, especially to her allies.

The masked man known as Heartbreaker has been through a lot. He used to work on the side of the law, but enough corruption can turn the most stalwart of men. Loss and disgrace taught him that he could not protect those around him. Hell, he couldn't even protect himself. But he could take. From lawman to assassin, his life turned from chasing righteous goals and failing, to chasing personal gain and succeeding. Heartbreaker may be a scoundrel, but he knows his business.

There have been many voices behind the mask of Glamour, but no faces at all. The latest Glamour has more power than any previous incarnation, but with that power comes a sense of desperation. She acts almost as if she has seen what happens when she accomplishes her goals, and it's not what she wanted at all. That said, she openly uses her abilities of misdirection to aid For Profit in their heists and schemes, comforting herself with the benefits of inordinate wealth.

The career of the man known as The Hippo was a long list of failures. It seemed to him that every time he donned the hippo suit and tried to rob a bank or punch his way into an armored truck, it happened to be at the same time as a hero was nearby. He had been punched through a wall by Haka more times than he could count, which probably had as much to do with the concussions as his innate lack of math skills. However, he recently had a bit of a lucky break! His scientist great-aunt died, leaving him her nuclear research laboratory. Not really having any clue as to what to do with the lab, he offered it all to a major research corporation, on the condition that they made a special, nuclear-powered suit for him. Now, stronger than ever before and able to emit semi-controlled bursts of radioactivity, Hippocalypse joins the ranks of For Profit, needing money to keep his suit going. Plus, of course, who doesn't like a nice fur coat?

In the For Profit expansion, Becky Blast, Heartbreaker, Glamour, and Hippocalypse will all be playable characters, and the scenarios will involve their various plots and stories as they seek riches. Additionally, anyone who preorders For Profit will get promo character panels for Ambuscade and The Operative, depicting their character advancement as part of the For Profit team.


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The Hippocalypse what an awesome name.   Are there any other characters in For Profit?   Uprising had six and I would think this would have followed the same pattern.  

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We've already seen 1 of the new characters in Adam's art.
And here's new art of another character.

The 2nd one is getting attacked by Hippocalypse so it's probably a hero. While the 1st has some similarities with Mangrove it doesn't neccesarily mean that it's him. Though Adam did say "For Profit redefines the hero/villain dynamic you may be used to" so we may see more villains that just the For Profit team.

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I'm fine with all villains I just want to know how the others fit into For Profit! as I would think there is toe more characters.  

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I was under the impression that For Profit came with SIX characters, in addition to the alternate Ambuscade and Operative panels. Does that mean that the other 2 characters in the expansion are heroes? Or just other characters, not in the TEAM For Profit? Like Mangrove and Dinosaur Person from Adam's most recent Twitter post?

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Also... Is Heartbreaker TONY TAURUS?

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Best day ever.

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There are two other characters in the For Profit expansion.

Neither of them are members of the For Profit team.

Does each new character in a For Profit come with a single mini ?

If that's the case, that would leave a whole bunch of 15 minis for Broken City...

Possibly, Glamour could have some figs for her mirror selves...


What happened to Ambuscades right leg?

He must have been traveling in the same distant lands as beard Ra.

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Looks like Adam accidently pulled a Rob Liefeld...