First look at the production copy of Villains of the Multiverse

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Hey, there, Sentinels fans!

We got an early production copy of Villains of the Multiverse and the promos for this preorder, and I wanted you to be the first ones to see them. Take a look!

Those just look downright great, don't they? And you'll be getting your copies soon, too! They're still on their way to our warehouse right now, but once they hit port, go through customs, and then get freighted here on a truck, we'll start sending them out.

Now go play some games!


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Awesome! Looks great, can't wait to see it in person.

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Maybe you could do an unboxing and show us some of the villain cards?  

On a related note, does this mean the main shipment is close or at least on the boat to your warehouse?

It seems to me that promo Chrono-Ranger's power changed slightly in wording since the last time I saw it.  If I'm reading it correctly, though, it is actually even more powerful than before.  Though it is worded very oddly.  It seems almost as if you'd want to avoid using powers out of turn with this version.  Was that purposeful?

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He has changed SO many times during playtesting. This is the best way to have his power not be ridiculously overpowered (e.g. pick a bounty, and that applies to all non-hero targets until the end of your next turn) but also allow him to use it, and then also use a damaging power to capitalize on it, without allowing him to use Argent Adept to make all of his bounties spread across the board like peanut butter. You only get to hyper-focus on ONE target now, and then you can either switch targets or attack them, and then the effect expires.


It's still REALLY powerful, and most of us are really satisfied with this wording. And we tried a LOT of different ways to make it work.

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What's the insert like? Is it Vengeance-shaped, with the big slot for oversized character cards? Or normal-shaped, with just the 2 rows? I'd assume the former, as that would accomodate the large cards that come with this game, but I haven't heard officially one way or the other.

Im going mad with anticipation for this!

Has anyone gotten their copies of VOTM yet?