Fifth Reveal: La Capitan

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The first question to take more than 30 seconds to answer correctly! I tweeted, "This one might be tricky! Which heroes were canonically in Silver Gulch in 1883?"

After a few tries (some people think Chrono-Ranger visited Silver Gulch in 1883, but he actually fell through time before that, giving Sheriff Pratt time to take over for him), Doman Ryler came up with the correct answer in two tweets, "Argent Adept, Nightmist, Tempest, Mr. Fixer, Wraith" AND "and RA! forogt about sustain the portal..."

As a result, the time has come for La Capitan.


Many know the story of La Capitan. She has engaged the heroes with her crew of time-travelers many times. However, there was an earlier time for her - but a later time for the heroes - in which she had no crew. Just a ship and a dream.

Maria Helena had just begun sailing the tides of time. Not knowing yet how to properly control the ship she would later name La Paradoja Magnifica, she hopped from timeline to timeline. Right off the bat, she lurched into a far-flung future in which monsters roamed the world, devouring anything they could. Knowing she didn't want to stay then for any longer, she tried to figure out how to set sail once again. She hauled on the tiller, dodged the boom, and spun the captain's wheel, but all to no avail. She heard the roar of approaching predators, and then let out an ear-piercing shriek as small claws suddenly grabbed at her back. She fell forward over the captain's wheel, driving it forward, and the ship jumped into the energy waves of the of the timestream. Ignoring the ship's movement, Maria Helena swatted at her back, dislodging a squeaking, flailing creature roughly the size of a housecat. Knocked loose, the green creature quickly snuggled into the arms of the extremely confused time pirate. Apparently, she had just saved the life of some weird, amphibian monkey-like creature. 

With no time to worry about her new little friend, she told the chiquito to settle down and she took her place at the wheel. She had time to plunder! How? She wasn't sure. She was certain to make some mistakes, but how bad could a few mistakes be? The timelines could afford a bit of fun, right?

La Capitan is young, untested, and still trying to figure out her own ship. She has great power but no responsibility. With every misstep she takes, she makes more of a mess of time, and that has gotten the attention of some notable, much more experienced time travelers. She's just here for fun. And that fun could ruin all time.


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A new nemesis for Omnitron-X! Show her what a real time-traveler is made of!

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Oh boy, Timey this is La Captain starting out before she get's her crew? But to the heroes, they meet her after meeting La Captain tat has a crew that is more experienced? Man do I enjoy time travel...

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Or Chrono-Ranger. Or both, maybe. That would be interesting...

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From the first image I'm guessing O-X, that looks like an omnitron part.

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No Siege-Breaker!