Events at Gen Con 2015

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Gen Con is coming up soon, and we have a full schedule of activities to keep everyone happy. We thought you might want a breakdown of everything we’re doing.

First of all, we’re running a qualifying tournament for the Sentinel Tactics World Championship that will also be held at Gen Con 2015. There will be brackets starting at 10am and 3pm on Thursday, and you can choose whichever one works best for you. The semi-finals and finals will combine at 1pm on Friday. The teams that make the semi-finals of the qualifier will be invited to the World Championship. The World Championship will begin on Saturday at 10am, and the Finals will be held at 10am on Sunday.

Speaking of tournaments, Darrell Louder, one of the designers of Bottom of the 9th, will be running a Bottom of the 9th World Series on Friday at 6pm. First and second place will get an exclusive Bottom of the 9th promo card, only available at Bottom of the 9th tournaments. The winner will also receive a baseball signed by the designers. Games are single elimination until the final 4, where they will play best of 3. The final game will be best of 5. The game designers, Mike Mullins and Darrell Louder, will be on hand to teach and cheer everyone along.

If you’re more into seeing something on the horizon, Christopher will be running a game of Spirit Island on Thursday at 11am. Come check out what’s new and exciting!

Sentinel Tactics is getting a lot of love, too. We’re running several events for people who’d prefer a more relaxed game than the tournaments can provide. This will provide a chance to play through some of the scenarios. We’re even running some skirmishes on the new Citadel of the Sun, Freedom Tower, Mobile Defense Platform, and Wagner Mars Base maps.

If you’re interested in some of our other published games, you can find games of Brew Crafters and Galactic Strike Force. You can also get in on a full game of the brand new Villains of the Multiverse. We opted to make these full events, rather than demos at our booth as we’ve done in the past, due to their complexity and length of play. You’ll get the full experience with all of them, no punches pulled.

Maybe roleplaying games are more your speed? Then you’re in luck! You can come play in the demo of the Sentinels of the Multiverse RPG a few times through the convention. More information coming on this in the next few days.

Finally, we have a State of Greater Than Games panel scheduled on Friday morning. This is your chance to get all your questions answered about our plans for the year, details on the recent merger with Dice Hate Me Games, and anything else you might need to know regarding Greater Than Games.

Don't forget to register while tickets are still available! Again, you can see all of our events here. We’re looking forward to seeing you!


any way you can record the State of Greater Than Games panel so those who couldnt be there can still see what you guys have to say?

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We'll look into doing that!