EU Villains of the Multiverse Preorders, France, and Customs

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Hey there, EU folks! If you're not located in the EU, you can feel free to ignore every single word after this one!

As a few people have let us know, there is a hold up with some of your packages in France. Rather than responding to each of your individually as you found this out, I wanted to keep the lines of communication wide open.

So, the way we are able to ship EU-friendly is by sending huge pallets full of games to a distribution center in France, and then they separate those out to send to individual residences. This way, rather than paying customs duties and fees on each individual package, we only need to pay for one or two big freight packages. Normally, this wouldn't be an issue.

Except when there's an issue. Somewhere in between handing the packet full of customs paperwork to the FedEx freight driver and the pallets' arrival in France, that packet was lost. Now, as any cog in a bureaucratic machine knows, the wheels of any government agency are lubricated with paperwork. We are in the process of getting a new packet put together and to the customs office in France, and this will be resolved very soon.

I hope this answers any and all questions you may have had. You'll be getting your package very soon!


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So it's clear that both France AND FedEx hates us. :(

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The update is appreciated.  Hope we get our stuff soon.  :)

Thanks for the update! Looking forward!

I know you were really busy with the KS campaign, but is there any news about the shipping of the pre-order in Europe, espacially in France ??

How's the packet going?