Dubai: Rebuild the Ruins Kickstarter Launching February 28, 2017

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Save the Date - Dubai: Rebuild the Ruins Crowdfunding Launching February 28, 2017


Greater Than Games is proud to announce Dubai: Rebuild the Ruins our newest game from the creative minds of Chris and Suzanne Zinsli of Cardboard Edison.

Dubai: Rebuild the Ruins is a tabletop board game with Worker Placement, Tile Laying, and Resource Management elements set in the year 2299 for 2 - 4 players. Players compete with faction powers to rebuild the ruins of the post-apocalyptic/dystopian future city of Dubai. The faction that has rebuilt the most of the city at the end of the game rules Dubai! 

Greater Than Games, LLC will kick off the Dubai: Rebuild the Ruins Crowdfunding campaign, February 28, 2017, on Kickstarter.

The Story

THE GREAT WAR IS NOW JUST A DISTANT MEMORY IN THE MINDS OF ALL BUT THE ELDEST AMONG US. Battles led to the splintering of the people living around The Shining City while one faction remained - the Hazimin. The Hazimin have done what they can to keep their still glistening tower standing tall. However, though their monumental home in the center of the city is still impressive, their numbers are few. Even as new generations grow to power, the ruins of Dubai are at the heart of all conflicts among the factions of the wasteland. With the ruins still standing as a beacon of what once was - and a promise of what could be again - the new leaders of each faction (the Hazimin, the Bahriyyin, the Tayyarin, and the New Badu) have decided it is time to reclaim the city and become the leaders of Dubai.

Power over the city will be decided by the people, and only with that power can one faction establish their dominance. As your faction’s leader, it is up to you to turn the ruins of the diamond of the desert into a new home for the people. But your control must outreach that of other factions to ensure that you rebuild the ruins in your image and rule the reformed city of Dubai!

Dubai: Rebuild the Ruins brings a unique thematic flavor and exciting mechanics. By using roundels for worker placement players are constantly engaged in the game with little downtime as turn order is always changing. This allows for multiple player interactions as one player's turn often involves reactions from other players. The setting is additionally unique, but draws closely from the buildings of the modern day city of Dubai.

The Artists:

Greater Than Games is privileged to be working with the following artists on this project.

Nolan N. Nasser

Previous Greater Than Games Projects Include: New Bedford, Fate of the Elder Gods, Spirit Island, Exoplanets

Damon Westenhofer

Previous Work History Includes: Fantasy Flight Games, Paizo Publishing, Green Ronin, Privateer Press, Catalyst Game Labs, and Evil Hat Productions

Oliver Specht

Previous Work History Includes: Fantasy Flight Games, DTP Entertainment, and Tinnitus Games


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